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SysadmOFF (if you read the logs) adding support for a new type of initramfs in LTSP is a hard task that requires a couple of weeks of development work; it's not doable by users
Currently only initramfs-tools (debian, ubuntu etc) is supported
ah, i didn't realize it was initramfs-tools only
i mean, it makes sense :)
vagrantc: will you go to the LTSP BTS this year?
(well if the initramfs can mount an nfs directory, then we can still support that; e.g. ltsp supports raspberry pi os that doesn't use an initramfs at all)
But we need init=/usr/share/ltsp/client/init/init as a kernel parameter then
alkisg: not sure ... but feeling still quite unsure of travel right now
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04:59* alkisg would love to go but it's a very long trip for me...
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