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hey!! what's the default password for root in fat clients? I am logged in as user (which is also a sudoer). But in the session I cna't sudo nor I cna't change my own password
bakytn: I may have run into a similar situation yesterday when I didn't seem to be able to sudo anything (may password was always "wrong" according to the system). Unfortunately I haven't tried to solve the problem yet, so have no help for you.
FrozenZia, are you using fat client or a thin client?
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Well, I haven't specifically done anything to make it fat or thin, so with ltsp-pnp, does that mean my default is which?
bakytn: Is this yours:
(no answer, as yet)
FrozenZia, no not mine
FrozenZia, quick question what is ltsp-pnp?\
I'll begin by saying I'm no afficianado, but it's a "flavor" of ltsp that uses dnsmasq to somehow avoid the need for a dhcp server on the ltsp server, which lets you plug it straight into a e.g. school network without borking the networks dhcp server OR without needing to set up the 2 NIC setup.
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FrozenZia: What a compact way to say what ltsp-pnp is all about!
bakytn: there's no default root password in either thins or fats
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elias_a: glad if I got it basically right
alkisg: so like in my case, I have "user" with admin rights on the server, but when that same username tries on client to do something with sudo, then the password doesn't seem to work.
Couple of questions still unanswered since yesterday if anyone can help: w/ltsp-pnp do I need to do ltsp-update-image after changing lts.conf? Can I use RCFILE params with ltsp-pnp?
FrozenZia: about the password: passwords don't work on fat clients, they're not cached for security reasons
No, you don't need ltsp-update-image after lts.conf changes
Yes, you can use any lts.conf directive you want with ltsp-pnp, there's nothing special about it
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I'm just trying to get my client to boot to this script that I have set in the RCFILE param instead of booting up the normal Ubuntu login screen, and it just doesn't seem to be working, so was wondering if I was doing something wrong...
Sounds to me like you want to do a custom screen script in /usr/share/ldm/screen.d and not an RCFILE command
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One "very simple" thing I'd like to do is have a certain client always boot up into memcheck - is that something I'd do with a screen script?
A memcheck is usually done *before* the linux kernel is loaded
So you'd do that with a pxelinux menu
yeah, that's basically what I want, but I know for example that 1 certain machine in my network is only used for memory testing, so whenever it starts up, it could just go straight to memcheck...
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FrozenZia: ok you don't need a pxe menu for that, just a custom /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/01-mac-address file
could I just copy .../pxelinux.cfg/memtest for that? And is that ok to do? Seems like all the files there say not to edit them at all and look at /etc/ltsp/update-kernels.conf instead?
(and sorry for the continued n00b question, but...) and I presume that changes like that do NOT require ltsp-update-image, right=
FrozenZia: yes, you can copy pxelinux.cfg/memtest to 01-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5-f6
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hmmm... seems to get the right file sent to client, but I get "no default or ui configuration directive found"
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alkisg, so it's not possible now to gain root access anymore in ltsp?
bakyt: sure, just set a root password in ltsp, or use this:
screen_02: To get a root shell on an Ubuntu thin client:
FrozenZia: Try modifying the 01-mac file so that it has this on top: default memtest86+
alkisg, you mean ltsp-chroot and then passwd? cool!
alkisg, thanks!
=o( with 2 lines: "default memtest86+" and "kernel memtest86+.bin", I get a cannot find kernel memtest86+
with 3 lines: "default memtest86+", "label memtest86+" and "kernel memtest86+.bin" I get an infinite loop of lines with one entry: 8000
Trying to do more reading to figure this out...
FrozenZia: try also renaming the file etc so that it doesn't have a "+"
I think I remember some related errors about pxelinux..
alkisg: thanks, but still no go, and the same problems as before, so I don't think it's the naming...
FrozenZia: ah, a second though - maybe it was the .bin extension, can you also try with plain "memtest86" ?
Brilliant - that was it! THANKS!
(and wtf?) that seems really weird.
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I think for some systems the .bin extension is special for booting, and pxelinux considers it special too
Ask in #syslinux for more details :)
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anyone here?
I have a question about LTSP and the ability to work with a TS Gateway.
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hi, in syslog I find some "kernel: [ 1298.623834] nbd-server[7939]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000402ac9 sp 00007fff0fe0f390 error 4 in nbd-server[400000+a000]"
it's a 64bit host, since 32 bit were unable to work reliable
(it's a 2 processor, 64GB ram, raid, etc... of a school of a friend of mine)
any idea?
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Morning all
markit: yeah, looks like nbd-server crashed. probably a bug.
s: Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sbalneav: funny thing :( I've checked if there fine tunings for it, but seems that there are no limits of connections or something like that
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stgraber: did you once develop a python-based lts.conf parser?
alkisg: yep
Any links handy? Me and Phantomas are trying to propose an lts.conf daemon/replacement...
Something with SimpleHTTPServer and wgets on the client side, similar to -cluster
Phantomas: ^
alkisg: look at parse_config in there
Here's a starting point :)
Wow I didn't realize I mistyped until I saw yours :D
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does anyone use Wacom tablets with LTSP with good results?
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Hello again. I have given up on LTSP via LinuxMint and gone back to centos-6.3. With a timely page on the internet I have the server up and running an EL_6 chroot. When I boot the client dhcp gives it an address and the crawler proceeds across the screen, turns white at the end and then just sits there. I have /opt/ltsp and /home exported. Firewall is turned off. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?
The crawler logo is Scientific 6.1
The client is a Compaq EN, 866 PIII, 128MB RAM. Is it the RAM size?
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ltspuser_76: Enslaver is working on a RHEL/centos project, not sure the current status
vagrantc: Everything up to actual client boot looks fine. Perhaps it's just the size of the env being downloaded. I'll try tomorrow with a meatier client, but that's not what we have in the field. :(
My "frozen" screen eventually times out to a console screen and I see mention of 'mount.nfs connection timed out' so it's probably a config issue I've messed up. Tomorrow...
last time I tried 128MB ram was with ubuntu 10.04, and it was barely enough to not want to swap
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