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hello all. I am n trouble. Installed ltsp-server-standalone in kubuntu 14.04 and now I am not able to start my machine
nstead of this, it looks like the machne boots into ltsp?
in fact my usual prompt xxxxx@mymachne (when n recovery mode) now is root@ltsp0
machine get stuck after "Stoppng System V runlevel compatibility"
and just can login with tty1, but I can't login into "my machine" but into ltsp0
also tried to uninstall ltsp but apt complaints about dpkg files not found.
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It sounds really as an desperate, childish cry for help... and it really is!!! Any help would be much appreciated.
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why does linux boot into ltsp0? is it possible to boot again into my machine?
That usually happens, when some of ltsp-client package is installed in local system and scripts doesn't have any idea about the server.
Thank ou very much, muppis, What can be done to revert this situation? I am able to log as user, chroot but I can't, say so, "see my real system"
Firstly look up if there ltsp-client -packages installed in server.
Purge them, reboot system and then look up if there still something wrong.
OK. but I can't login into the server. The problem is that that macine is the server!
It's like if the usual boot sequence has been replaced
It isn't the problem if you can log in there. Missing server is not the case. Case is which packages you have installed in machine which meant to be aserver.
I installed ltsp-server-standalone and ltsp-client?
Did you install ltsp-client packages in server or runned ltsp-build-client -command?
runned ltsp-build-client for sure
ltsp-client package not sure at all. Sorry, it happens when you follow recipes sometimes, my apologies
ltsp-client -related packages are meant to be only in clients, as name says, and thus installed only in chroot by ltsp-build-client
Anywhere else it just mess things up if you don't know what you're doing.
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I see. so I've transformed m machine in a client of itself and thus the big mess. I should have installed only the server and ltsp-build-client is meant for creating the "user folder" for the clients
About yes. :D by default ltsp-build-client makes two directories under /opt/ltsp. One is for chroot, where you can install localapps and finetune settings for them and images -directory which serves file where clients are actually booted if using nbd, which is case by default in *buntu.
I see. Is there any chance of reverting the situation?
Easy way: Reinstall everything from bone. Hard way: Purge everything ltsp -related and relatives, fix manually if something is still broken and reinstall *only* ltsp-server -related packages.
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Like I said, ltsp-client -packages outside from chroot makes a mess.
Nah, they work fine
As a matter of fact, ltsp-pnp is based on the ltsp-client* packages being installed on the ltsp server
Well, reinstall it from bone is not an option. Purge everthing... don't know how, I can't even acess to my hard drives. It is matter of "saying" to m machine to start as my machina and not like aclient
jtornero: boot from a live cd and pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg
pastebin: the LTSP pastebin is at Please paste all text longer than a line or two to the pastebin, as it helps to reduce traffic in the channel. Don't forget to paste the URL of the text here.
ok!! hold a little!!! I guess it could have something to do with grub, but if ltsp guts seems chinese to me, this is Martian!!!
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hello again. After some struggles to find grub.cfg, I've been able to make the pastebin
OK, nothing ltsp-related there, the kernel command line is:  linux   /vmlinuz-3.13.0-35-generic root=UUID=60747f11-d763-487c-9371-7fa8effe660a ro nomodeset quiet splash $vt_handoff
So the problem doesn't appear to be ltsp-related...
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hello, how is jetpipe suppose to work in 5.4.x and later? i was using ubuntu 12.04/precise and upgraded to 14.04/trusty. i noticed that the initscript "50-jetpipe" is gone. reinstating it from the previous ltsp-client solves the problem and making the local client-printer work again
so what could make it to boot into ltsp0?
ricotz: it should be ran from the ltsp service, /etc/init/ltsp-client-core.conf on ubuntu, because init-ltsp.d/50-jetpipe was too early and was causing problems
File a bug report against ubuntu-ltsp (not ltsp upstream)
ubuntu-bug: To file a bug report for Ubuntu LTSP, go to
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jtornero: I don't know, you still need to troubleshoot the issue, I've just wrote the things above ^ to clarify that it's not related to the ltsp-client package
alksig: ah, ok. Anyone knows any hints about where to look for?
jtornero: you could also ask in #ubuntu, it's probably not an ltsp issue
or in #kubuntu
By the way: I just have mounted my / partition to see what is going on and I've found an initrd.img.old adn vmlinuz.old as well as initrd.img and vmlinuz files
they're soft links. I'll see in #kubuntu
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work_alkisg, i see, thanks
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Hi, can LTSP utilise a GPU to increase rendering performance?
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phoz, yes, if software supports it or you use fat clients and proper drivers. No, if you mean just regular desktop in thin mode.
In thins localapps can use GPU with proper driver.
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muppis, I meant adding a GPU to the server.
Then maybe from me. :D Haven't tested, but can't see why not.
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