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alkisg: hi. That customer of mine agreed to sponsor some work on LTSP (USB boot image creation).
I now have a script that generates a hybrid ISO images from an LTSP installation. I'd like to submit a PR for that.
Furthermore, I need a patch in /usr/share/ltsp/client/init/
for the USB LTSP image I needed to comment out the ifupdown / network-manager tweaks.
Could there be a way to detect if a boot occurred via PXE or otherwise? If via PXE, your network-manager / ifupdown tweaks for the boot LAN device should stay intact. For non-PXE boots my commented out version should be the one to use.
please note, that I am still on 20.01 for now.
here is the liveusb script:
it comes with a specific file that has customer information in it currently.
Let me know what you think, please...
alkisg: ^
the ISO image boots via legacy BIOS and UEFI alike, btw.
alkisg: btw. I just stumbled over the network_vars function's code and wonder what this static IP setting is all about.
It also breaks the USB LiveBoot...
and also, I don't get a DEBUG_SHELL if things break in network_vars...
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