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Channel log from 19 January 2020   (all times are UTC)

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alkisg: i see you set a changelog for ltsp 20.01 ... but no tag?
alkisg: is it still work-in-progress then?
vagrantc: yes I wanted to send some ppa builds, and I didn't want to have 19.xx there as people were thinking that 19 is actually the new ltsp name
I'll work for about a week more, then update changelog, tag etc, and ping you
alkisg: ok, i might scrape together some time end-of-month then
vagrantc: after many hassles, I managed to netboot raspberries, without an initramfs and without an sd card :)
tftp => nfsroot= instead of initramfs => mount and switch_root to squashfs :)
20:46* quinox has nothing to add except "Keep it up (y)"
alkisg: yeah, i read that ... curious
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