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Hi hi alkisg :3
alkisg, I used LTSP a little bit differently to how it would typically be used.
But it's stable.
I have a multiseat system where each seat is a VM with dedicated USB host controller and GPU passed through to each, one seat is my living room TV and the other is my desktop PC and the host is headless lol
And I've PXE booted the seats into the LTSP environment because I wanted to keep the software on the two seats syncronised.
ltsp supports multiseat without the need of vms
Oh, the VM part is an original setup I always had and I'm quite happy with it, yes I noticed on LTSP 20 there is seat support.
I'm sure that wasn't available in LTSP 5
I had programmed multiseat in ltsp5 too
Since 2015 if I recall well
Ah nice
alkisg, How are the home directories handled? The home directories on the clients are the same as those on the host but I can't find how /home is mounted.
There are tmpfs and overlayfs, I'm going to look through those.
Oh I found it, it's sshfs
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I have server that is nvidia and client that is radeon.  How can I get the client to change the driver since I am using the same image for server and slave?