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ltspnoob (if you read logs), you can set SSH_SERVER in ltsp.conf
While /etc/ltsp/ssh_known_hosts contains the key of the new server; and you run ltsp initrd to include it in the ltsp image
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Thank you for the info. which log file should I be looking into? I was looking in syslog in the LTSP server mainly (Ubuntu20.04). re. SSH_SERVER, great! I will try out the SSH_SERVER option in ltsp.conf (I didn't see that option in the ltsp.conf man page).
I meant irc logs, which you obviously have read
ah ic
Question: how does the client handle the x86_64.img downloaded? why does the client mount the /srv/ltsp/ NFS share from the server? (or if someone can point me to a place for such info, thanks)
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ltspnoob: when you boot from a local disk, it doesn't get all loaded into RAM; only the required sectors do
It's the same for network disks too; the disk can be 1 TB and the client can have 1 GB RAM and it will still boot
Those sectors of x86_64.img are served over nfs
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Thank you for explaining. I see now that the x86_64.img is mounted as squashfs under "..../looproot" ... hmm..but I don't see that file actually in /root/images/x86_64.img ...
is that "/root/" from NFS mounting from the LTSP server's /srv/ltsp export? come I don't see it in the client's "mount" output?
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That /root directory is from the initramfs, it's not the one from the image
Anyway users don't need to know these internal paths
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update: setting SSH_SERVER=<IP> in ltsp.conf (in [clients]) didn't work for the homedir to be established with the specified server IP
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Hmm... What is the best way to speed up access to user's homedir (the SSHFS /home/<username>) ? NIC upgrade at the LTSP server, CPU upgrade or HDD->SSD upgrade?
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