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Does anyone have any experience from creating own internal repository with reprepro?
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muppis: we're maintaining a repository with greek edu apps with reprepro,
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alkisg, I figures out how use it. Now I need to get gpg working.
figured.. My thumbs stilldo not on N900 keyboard.
Funny.. xbmc runs really slowly in thin client.
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Even on very same hw runs fine when using standalone installation. Maybe missing some nvidia conf.
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Trying to set up nvidia to client. Booting hangs with Invalid card number. -message.
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hello! I installed my edubuntu system with eth2 and now I have replaced the nic which is named eth3. how can I assign eth3 to ltsp server?
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Where can I get some documentation on how LTSP actually works? I mean flow charts, source code kind of stuff
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Where can I get developer documentation on LTSP. I'm coming from a web development background so the more comprehensive the documentation, the better!
I'm not sure that there is developer documentation
I guess the source files are well commented then?
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