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hello why by default rsyslog masked on clients?
can i enable it to collect logs on log server?
* to collect client's logs on
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leksmut: it's masked to save RAM, as logs go to journal
In debian and ubuntu, logs are duplicated in both journal and syslog, so it doesn't make sense to waste ram for both of them
Sure if you want to forward them via syslog, do put it in KEEP_SYSTEM_SERVICES
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<alkisg> "Sure if you want to forward them..." <- Thanks for reply.i put two services "ssh rsyslog" in the KEEP_SYSTEM_SERVICES, but rsyslog stay masked anyway though ssh service running on clients, because rsyslog along with apt.daily are hardcoded to be masked in the line pointed by arrow on the screenshot. If i am not mistaken.
leksmut: try the newer version from the ppa
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