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Hello, I have ltsp with 22.04 but the thin clients are very very slow, what can I do?
what manufacturer and models they are? And which comp/display manager they boot?
alkisg, got the res eventually working :)
just in time too
thanks for looking the other day
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alkisg, i don't suppose there is anyway (not for now... but maybe another day) to run ltsp in a way where if you install a package on the server, you don't need to remake an image for the clients to get it?
presumably this imaging takes *everything* except the home dirs ?
although it cant run it all in the client machins ram surely, so an image accessed over tftp/nfs ?
Lantizia: if you use a VM as an image, you can boot the clients with it without running ltsp image at all
right but surely if I 'apt-get install openarena' in the VM... then the PC's still need rebooting to play the game :P
so same issue
Lantizia: well not the same issue exactly, because you won't need 10 minutes for ltsp image; but just a reboot
The only way to do it in a completely live manner would be to use ltsp remoteapps, i.e. like thin clients, where all the processes run on the server
Of course that will put a strain on the server :)
well see we picked this r610 originally because we were running ltsp5 (on ubuntu 18.04... in fact we still can run this... by just picking another OS on boot up)
and assumed these 2012 compaq 315eu pc's wouldn't be up to much... so planned on them all being thin
but actually ltsp5 defaulted to thick (prob because they're not that bad) and so that is fine
and obviously the new ltsp doesn't do thin at all
but yeah that dell r610 was picked to be beeefy... i think it has 32 cores, 96gb ram etc...
but I'm thankful for them being thick... as (if it wasn't for trisquel) we can have things like hw accelerated games
i just assumed *more* of the servers filesystem was shared live via nfs
it seems much less actually is
ltsp remoteapps app => is the equivalent of thin clients, and is supported out of the box in the new ltsp
And if you declare mate-session or any other session as a remoteapp, you get the whole session in thin client mode
Only the squashfs image is served over nfs, as nfs is considered insecure, so it's only good for the read only and public part
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