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hi alkisg, I've the clients that can't print, from the kde printer configuration panel I've (I'm translating italian->english on the fly) something like "Print service unavailable. Wrong description file", any clue? During boot I see some red error messages that seem related to cups
(too fast scroll to read them, but I could record the VM client window and try to analize with slow motion if important)
markit: hi, in the new ltsp? Did you share the server printer?
alkisg: yes, new ltsp. "share server printer?" Do you mean "let other use these printers"? mmm hold on, I've just seen that printers are disappeared from server, maybe my configuration script has erased them when disabling also automatic browsing (shame on me)
mmm crazy behaviour of the kde config panel, I've to dig deeper, sorry for the noise :(
markit: there's a command for printer sharing in
Search for CUPS_SERVER
alkisg: confused situation in my setup, but almost is working (now I see the printers in the client), I'll dig deeper and let you know tomorrow :) thanks a lot
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