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Channel log from 17 June 2022   (all times are UTC)

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Good morning. I am having an issue booting raspberries pi. The server was working OK two weeks ago, hoever yesterday none of the raspberry pi 3b+ (no SD card) boot anymore.
I've found two problems so far and some information about on Channel log from 16 May 2022 (dnsmasq error 0 related issue)
However, I'm trying to apply what alkisg suggested there but no success, providing pxe-service-tag line at ltsp-dnsmasq.conf is unused
Additionally, output of ltsp ipxe shows that the system is looking for as server address but server is installed at 192.168.1 and working without issues until yesterday (well, last working boot was about 2 weeks ago, just in case the problem could be package updates or something)
A gist with dnsmasq log output and ltsp ipxe is available at
Udpate: I forgot to restart dnsmasq service so I did and it look that sudo mkdir -p /srv/tftp/srv.... etc command stated by alkisg  works as a solution.
However, I can't figure out how the issue happened... package update seems the most probable thing, because it has happened also with another server under the same conditions.
So maybe disable all automatic updates of the servers could be a good idea.
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Nah I don't think package updates can cause such issues
But where could it be providing it's been working for a year and suddenly it stop working in two different servers for the same cause?
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Is there anythng that people who have suffered this issue could do to help improving/solving the issue (provide logs, package versions, installation details...)?
antaresgades: I'm on vacations; I suggest that you create a github discussion about this issue, add as much info as you can, so that we can troubleshoot there
Most probably it will be related to an administrative action, not to software updates
Ok sorry I din't know you were on vacation. Enjoy it as possible. I'll try to open an issue ASAP
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