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Hey everyone. I've just installed LTSP and am attempting to boot a fat client laptop. PXE works but times out. The server and the client can communicate with each other using ping. What might be causing this?
james1, PXE is two steps.
1. dhcp. 2. tftp.
If PXE times out, it's either dhcp or tftp problem.
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Hello all
If an LTSP setup is going to be strictly on a local area network without any need or desire for access to the Internet, are there certain steps or precesses that can be left out to simplify the setup?
linuxfool, depends on what howto you're following.
Practically, no, everything that is needed to configure LTSP is needed wether you want to have the clients on the internet or not.
Hyperbyte: yeah, I've noticed that. There seem to be a bunch of them. I followed the one that's in the ubuntu community help forum.
One guide says something about not using the standalone package bcause of something about dhcp and the other says to use the standalone version.
Is there a command to actually be running the server? Or should having the package downloaded and a client image created mean anything that logs onto the LAN with PXE should boot up the client image?
linuxfool, LTSP consists of basically these parts:
1. dhcp server, that points network boot to the correct tftp image. this can be any dhcp server, but since it's a local network without router I presume, this would be installed on the ltsp server
2. tftp server that contains basic linux kernel and boot routines
3. nbd server that provides the full harddisk image for the client (this is mounted from the tftp boot image)
4. ssh server that enables thin clients to log in
Basically if you install ltsp-server package, run ltsp-build-client and make sure all the services are started, ltsp should work.
(this is for Ubuntu)