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What was the name of the command that shows X memory usage?
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"The pmap command reports the memory map of a process or processes."
"xrestop uses the X-Resource extension to provide top(1)-like statistics
for each connected X11 client's server-side resource usage. It is intended
as a developer tool to aid more efficient server resource usage and debug
server-side resource leakage.
xrestop thank you guys :)
Ah, openoffice takes 14Mb of RAM that's why window switching is so slow (128mb ram total0
you can set Openoffice to use less RAM in a setting somewhere
Thanks, found it, "Graphics cache", let's see if it helps
Hmmm nope it didn't help, maybe it's a problem with the client graphics card (openchrome) which has backingstore disabled, will check that another time
At least it stopped hanging with `nomodeset` :-/
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Urm. Running debian locally on the thin client and connecting with remote X to the server makes the apps *much* faster... and X didn't hang yet this way. Maybe something wrong with the Lucid openchrome driver :(
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alkisg: "xauthority" :: to access the client X session from a local root shell, try: eval $(tr '\0' '\n' < /proc/$(pidof -s ldm gdm-simple-greeter gnome-session | cut -d' ' -f1)/environ | egrep '^DISPLAY=|^XAUTHORITY=') && export DISPLAY XAUTHORITY
what the
? :)
Ah vagrantc is it possible to build a Debian chroot from an Ubuntu server?
(squeeze, preferably...)
alkisg: just to make sure things are reasonably clean, i'd first build a squeeze chroot, and then bind-mount /opt/ltsp into the chroot
Sorry I lost you there
(1) how would I build a squeeze chroot and (2) why would I bind-mount it?
I probably need some extra mirror, right?
alkisg: i would strongly advise against building the LTSP chroot on an ubuntu server. so build a squeeze "server" chroot, and build the ltsp chroot in there. you can either bind-mount /opt/ltsp or move it later.
Ah got it. OK I have a squeeze PC, I'll temporarily install ltsp into it and build the chroot there
that's another option
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23:54* alkisg just booted an 64MB RAM client from an 128MB RAM (!) Debian LTSP server, and even launched iceweasel with 10 tabs on it! :P