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Channel log from 16 May 2020   (all times are UTC)

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sunweaver: hello! At this period I've too many work due to school exams and coronavirus; is it a problem if you file an issue for these, and I have a look at the proposed patch later on in the summer?
liveusb: My attempt at a multiboot USB stick:
(btw I have a project with the same name, liveusb)
If you want, you could also write a wiki page about how people could use that; if more of the ltsp userbase is using it, it might make it a bit more "urgent"; as you're surely able to patch things there now, while other users might have need of an ltsp release that supports this..
sunweaver: btw, to override some functions with your own, you can either just drop a .sh script with the same function and a "bigger" name, or you can use the OMIT_FUNCTIONS="config_network_manager" variable etc etc
re: network_vars, since 10 years or so, LTSP has reserved "" as the special "internal ltsp network server ip", to autodetect when to do NAT and ip forwarding without any special user settings in ltsp.conf
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