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Hello all :)
I followed the instructions exactly to set up an LTSP server
but this command is no longer valid because the script no longer exists in this url : wget -O /etc/network/if-up.d/sch-scripts
Is there another way?
Thx for your help
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Can any of you send me the "sch-scripts.if-up" file please?
thank you in advance
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I'm completely blocked without this script ... :-/
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RealBatmoine: What guide are you following?
Batmoine: What guide are you following?
this guide
and "b) Dual NIC (Classic DHCP)" section
Batmoine: alkisg should have the script, so you can get it from them when they notice this. Another thing you should consider is just installing ltsp19:
ltsp19 is a fresh rewrite and the future of ltsp
ok, thx, I'm try this
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Hrm, true, now with the new ltsp/sch-scripts I'll need to point to the old if-up script
OK fixed in the wiki
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is anyone using gsuite and managed chrome browsers with LTSP? I'm curious as to how it'll behave when launched on fat clients
e.g., have you have any weirdness regarding the managed browser list in gsuite
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Hello folks. Running LTSP at home on Ubuntu 18.04. Installed via ppa as per wiki instructions. My clients are using an AMD AM1 socket Kabini APU. I'm having difficulties with boot. About 50% of the time the graphics have lines running through them and it looks distorted a bit. I didn't have this issue before my upgrade to 18.04 so it's a new thing
for me. I'm unsure how to troubleshoot or even try to get more useful information. It seems to me like a driver or firmware isn't loading properly, but I haven't a clue how to check that. Thank you for listening. Look forward to your ideas.
does it have the same lines with the live-usb on those clients?
and you did rebuild the client image, right?
i've never seen the lines while booting a live usb. i also don't see the lines on any boot on my main htpc / server in the living room, same hardware. i'm running with a dedicated chroot btw.
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i'm downloading a Xubuntu image right now to test again. My install isn't a desktop though. I just pxe boot media centers around my house. But the problem shows up when LDM loads, so I don't think it's Kodi or Openbox as the issue.
fat clients? thin clients?
my hunce would be to set X_SMART_COLOR_DEPTH=false if it's a thin client...
don't they automatically boot as a fat client with Xsessions available to choose from?
im using them as kodi machines, i know they are hardware accelerated so i think that would say yes but i suppose i don't really know.
we definitely prefer fat clients these days...
there might also be a condition based on RA<
if you open a terminal and the prompt shows USERNAME@SERVERNAME, then it's a thin client, if it's USERNAME@CLIENTNAME it's a fat client
is fat.
ok, so it won't be the color depth, then
my xubuntu dl is almost finished. ill have a fresh test with a live usb when i get it. my internet isn't the greatest
ok. i have rebooted the flash drive a dozen or more times, no problems. as soon as i removed and rebooted pxe the problem is there. it should be noted that when it's booting i know the problem will be there because it hangs for a few seconds with a blinking cursor at the top left. when it works it just goes black for a few seconds then it loads.
another thing i'm seeing different from 16.04 is on boot when the stuff spams the screen, after the initial bit it changes screen resolution to match the tv. now it doesn't do that anymore.