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13:19* ABIXadamjurkiewi uploaded an image: (3603KiB) < >
Hi, I have strange situation. Sometimes (not always, not the same computer) - it doen NOT start from Wake On Lan.
When I power off the machine, then power on, it starts without problems.
The network is simple - one router (DHCPd), one dubm switch 24 ports...
Maybe someone will have a idea, what could I check?
The picture is it from succesful wol boot? I had some months ago machines with bios power setting S4 deep enabled that prevented wol. Check the bios/uefi Power and network and startup settings in the machines
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With machines/manufacturing manual
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It is from unsuccessful - it is looks like no ip was given from dhcpd server to this machine... but this maake no sense...
I hade restart dhcpd server to make sure that there is a free ip pool. And it was the same.. sometimes some machine won't up.
The S4 is a good idea - I will check it in next week
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Wake on lan is just for The server admin to send Power on remotely. If The magic Packer fails to reach client then it won't Power on at all. if there is no network or no IP offered like in the picture then it's a network issue or some other issue not related to wake on lan. Troubleshoot The network or DHCP server issue first separate from The wake on lan issue. I think The wake on lan or bios Power setting won't resolve anything to the
error in That photo.
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I would start tailing the logs on the DHCP server when the faulty client is booting to see what the server sees
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I have to real reason for thinking so, but I have had hardware misinitialize itself on power-on
sometimes upgrading the firmware has fixed it
On an Intel nuc I recently had to disable ASPM, otherwise my harddrive got randomly corrupted on shutdown ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
anyway, it's not an LTSP issue if it happens randomly
You are right updating net, audio, video controller firmware and disabling/enabling varied Power settings in uefi control can resolve random network issues. It's complicated today buyin computer
ABIX adam.jurkiewicz: you may try to overwrite /srv/tftp/ltsp/undionly.kpxe with
The default, undionly.kpxe, is using the BIOS initialization; while ipxe.pxe is doing it own initialization; some times better, some times worse; check and see
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