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Why is Unity-desktop not working with ltsp on Ubuntu 14.04?
3d desktop environments don't really work on thin clients
You either need 2d environment like gnome-flashback, or ltsp fat clients
okay thanks!
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would love some assistance.
ask: Don't ask to ask a question, simply ask it, and if someone knows the answer, they'll respond. Please hang around for at least a full hour after asking a question, as not everybody constantly monitors the channel.
Cyrius_: You are most warmly welcome! Just ask your question. :)
lol ok
So I have just set up a ltsp server, but my client isn't finding it (No boot filename received)
Is it possible the system is hitting the wrong dhcp server?
this is my first run with ltsp and I am proving it out as an option
If you are sharing a network where there's another dhcp server, absolutely it could be getting the other info. Can you tell which IP it's getting?
Note that doing this may also annoy the network admin as other clients could be getting the answer from your LTSP DHCP and not get configured correctly.
I can't tell on the boot agent no
The systems should already have their dhcp leases for the day (mostly)
What kind of client are you using? The PXE boot usually shows at least some IP info that it's received.
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Ummm... AFAIK only one dhcp server can exist in same subnet if you want it to work.
Cyrius_: Does your server have 1 or 2 NIC setup?
this one is single NIC
is it possible to set the DHCP server to point to the other one for PXE boot?
Cyrius_: And does the server get it's IP via DHCP?
No, it doesn't
I have a static IP set
Ok. And you're not controlling the DHCP?
as in the actually DHCP? I just ran the ltsp setup on this one
I have access to our domain's dhcp server if that is what you mean
No I mean the DHCP you said exist in the network.
Yep, that's what I meant.
The easiest way to get it to work is 2 nic setup.
in that way you also avoid possible problems with other users ,-)
Its in a vm so that's easy enough
K, so I am imagining what you are going to say is have one of the NICs on a separate subnet?
that won't stop the clients from finding both DHCP though will it?
Yes, because that's simple.
If you share the same physcial network, they can find each other.
Cyrius_: Check this:
It needs to be either separate physical network, or at least VLAN'd
mmetzger: Does it, relly?
I am going to try that link
that sounds like exactly how to fix that scenario
I don't see any reason for that if you are able to tell the client(s) the IP of the LTSP server.
Cyrius_: Please let us know about your progress.
elias_a: Depends on what you're asking overall. Taking LTSP out of the equation entirely, multiple DHCP servers do not work well in the same "network", meaning the same boardcast domain
I will :) thanks for the assist
I don't actually need the dhcp if the existing windows server forwards the boot requests
I just know dhcp is required for a pxe boot
talking about dhcp relay ?
raphr: More like ProxyDHCP (or configuring existing DHCP w/ PXE boot info)
Yeah, I am going to add the pxe boot info
this is the first pxe boot item on my network so it won't interfere with anything else
mmetzger: I meant that LTSP can be tweaked to work without DHCP server in the same server, as already mentioned.
Those unlucky people whi are forced to use Windows AD use that as the DHCP server.
I use dhcp, but not crosoft one :)
and proxydhcp could do the trick. WS service install on proxydhcp if i remember
elias_a: Yeah - absolutely. I also prefer the 2-NIC setup you mentioned - makes things so much cleaner.
so with the dual nic option and the thing pushing clients that way
would I use the address of the LTSP as the gateway?
for reference:
proxydhcp: A proxy DHCP server is defined by the PXE specification as a server which sends auxiliary boot information to clients, like the boot filename, tftp server or rootpath, but leaves the task of IP leasing to the normal DHCP server. More info:
Cyrius_: if they're thin clients, no need for a gateway
mmetzger: I have a friend who is running LTSP in the network of a middle size town.
if they're fat clients, you'd need to set up routing or NAT or something to forward the traffic from the fat clients to the internet/intranet.
elias_a: that's interesting... are they on the LTSP world map?
I do not know about 'amp', but I do know about these similar topics: 'lts.conf-example'
I do not know about 'map', but I do know about these similar topics: 'worldmap'
worldmap: If you're using LTSP, please let the world know and share your story at Your can add a nice pin to our world map at your location, plus your setup will count towards the global LTSP usage statistics.
mmetzger: when someone calls helpdesk asking "what is my Ubuntu password" they know that HDD has failed. :)
elias_a: Heh - that took me a second - funny...
The office rats may continue working with Ubuntu. no Windowss specific binaries of course...
vagrantc: Moment - I'll check that out.
vagrantc: No, it is not in the world map.
Have to do something about that after the vacation season.
vmlintu: you could also add your customers :)
vmlintu: Or at least tell how much userbase you have.
If I can get this going
I plan on replacing like 120 systems
these are 'shop floor' computers and I don't want to spend 40-60 grand on new computers
especially ones that get used to log production and thats it!
Cyrius_: pls define "shop floor" - I do not understand.
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Public computers for info purposes?
No, in a manufacturing environment
semi public I suppose
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Ok. So a certain set of sw to use mostly with browsers?
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actually, the only requirement is to access our ERP system
which is accessed through a browser
sorry, was modifying my vm haha
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Hello everyone
19:32* vagrantc waves
19:34* mmetzger is developing a morbid fascination with thin / fat client hardware...
So I got the boot to work
the addition of some scope options on my DHCP server did it
now there is some further stuff I have to figure out :-P
Are you dudes linux gurus in general?
Nope. At least I'm not. Next question, please! :)
Cyrius: Good work!
I need to be able to join windows domain but all the resources I find link to a no longer available package haha
Do you have insight?
Next question, most immediately, would be how do I see the sessions that are connected?
give this command in a terminal: w
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hello friends
been forever since I used LTSP, but just wanted to say hi to the amazing devs. <3
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23:49* vagrantc waves
ahh vagrantc. You spent many nights helping me. How are ya?