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vagrantc, if I remember correctly from when testing Wily, it does set it
One of the good things of switching to upstream scripts instead of our own ltsp initramfs script :)
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wheee. ltsp 5.5.5 uploaded to debian.
17:58* vagrantc sighs
encrypted swap disabled by default :(
yey!!!! all the sch-scripts defaults!!!
sch-scripts ROCKS! :D
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and enabling it will only work on jessie ...
18:04* alkisg will upload to greek schools ppa later!
18:04alkisg is now known as work_alkisg
18:07* vagrantc spent 3 days troubleshooting the encryptd swap issue
18:07Tex has joined IRC (Tex!4ac0a1b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
for some reason, cryptsetup/dmsetup/something is waiting for a udev response, and udev isn't running
i also tried the approach of configuring /etc/cryptsetup and /etc/fstab instead, but that had other hangups.
I'm sure this isn't a new topic ... can't seem to zero in on a fix for performance issues running Ubuntu 14.04 on thin clients. Added the LDM_DirectX=True and it broke authentication services (LDAP) and the session would eventually logout after several screen refreshes. Users type and have to wait seconds before the buffer catches up - it's pretty unusable. What's the fix?
Tex: it broke LDAP auth, but still allowed the session to partially log in?
Tex: rough specs on the server and clients?
I do not know about 'direct', but I do know about these similar topics: 'directx'
directx: If you want to turn off encryption to the workstation, which will speed up performance at the cost of security, you need to specify LDM_DIRECTX=True in your lts.conf file. Type !docs in IRC to get a link to the current documentation
Tex: where was LDAP configured?
Tex: it should just require ssh access ... so if LDAP users can login via ssh, then LDM with or without LDM_DIRECTX should work.
Tex: also, what desktop environment?
18:17* vagrantc hasn't actually used ubuntu 14.04 at all
well, i think i had one client who needed some custom ltsp installation on 14.04
it is odd. LDAP auth to Open Directory sever (Mac OS X) .. SuperMicro 16 Core dual Xeon 3Ghz with 21GB RAM. Clients are mostly Shuttle bookshelf variety with 1GB RAM and Gb NICs - diskless.
Only errors when LDM_DIRECTX = true. Otherwise, it works just fine.
docs: (#1) For the latest community documentation, see the LTSP wiki at, or (#2) For a PDF with official documentation, install the ltsp-docs package.
might be better to try fatclients ... although 1GB of ram is a bit low
the docs are sadly out of date :(
oh boy - that's not great news
We'll run with gnome fallback/classic as a next step to test.
most of the specific configuration values are current ... not much has changed in quite a while ... but it could use a conceptual overhaul, and the overall description could use some refreshing
i see
there are some useful values missing, almost surely... but what's there should be valid
beyond the fat client and directx there's nothing else to check?
if you're using unity, it's likely going to be painfully slow
gnome-flashback or lxde or xfce might server you better.
gnome 3 - I don't believe unity is involved
gnome3 also requires hardware 3d graphics ... and that doesn't really work well on thin clients.
okay - that's what I was thinking
hopefully gnome-flashback will work for you
great - thanks for the assist
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ah, i bet LDM_DIRECTX=true was messing with gnome3 ... more likely than breaking LDAP
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stgraber: no idea if it's feasible to pull into ubuntu at this point, but LTSP 5.5.5-1 should hit unstable soon
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stgraber: ltsp currently is completely unusable in wily, if you could blindly sync ltsp and ldm it would surely be waaay better than without syncing. I've tested ltsp-trunk in Wily a few days ago.
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you could cherry pick *lots* of patches :)
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rpi2 up and running with raspbian! vagrantc, prepare for a new ltsp version in a couple of weeks, with better rpi 2 support! :D
what more do you need?
i guess generating the SD image to boot from
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and auto-updating the kernels/initrds in the cards while they boot
and auto detecting the server without hardcoding an ip
and an ltsp-pnp style method to maintain them :D
Its minecraft is crazy fast, I don't know how they managed to do that... faster than some dual core systems with 1500+ passmark score
I am trying to set up ltsp for the first time. For my test environment I am using virt-manager with a qemu connection. In virt-managert I added and am using virtual network testbr0 with each virtual machine. testbr0's dhcp server I disabled.
I installed ubuntu 14.04 for the ltsp server; ran sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone; configured its dhcp server; then ran sudo ltsp-build-client (with and without) --arch i386. Each time was able to boot up another VM and the ltsp's dhcp server provided the corect host information, but when I tried to pxe boot a vm, it goes through a few things then stops on a blank screen with just _ in the upper left and corner.
I'm not sure if I am on the right track. or what I need to do next.
shomas: if this fits your needs, it's the easiest way to setup ltsp:
ltsp-pnp: ltsp-pnp is an alternative (upstream) method to maintain LTSP installations for thin and fat clients that doesn't involve chroots:
What are your target client specs? cpu/ram?
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Whoah, rpis reboot in 15 seconds... :)
No fullscreen youtube though
I have no thin clients. I am trying this setup with virtual machines to test it out. I guess If i were to implment this I would use x86_64 1 gig ram or more.
shomas: then don't buy thin clients, buy fat clients, i.e. diskless but with better cpus
Do start with the ltsp-pnp page
No need for 2 nics (physical or virtual), everything goes in one subnet, no dhcp (just proxydhcp)...
No ltsp-build-client, no chroots...
It usually takes 10 minutes to install ubuntu, 10 for the updates, 1 to install and configure ltsp, and 10 for the ltsp-update-image -c /
alkisg: you've been wanting those auto-updating local media bits for a while, sounds likea good excuse :)
Right, it would allow us to stop using ipxe, it does fail in a few cases
ok, why ltsp-pnp versus non pnp
E.g. imagine you want to install vbox in a chroot
It autodetects the running kernel, but it's the server's running kernel, not the one from the chroot
So it tries to compile wrong things and it fails to configure
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...and the sysadmin pulls his hair trying to figure what went wrong and how to solve it
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With ltsp-pnp you'd just install vbox in the server, no special chroot-specific bugs involved
Or, imagine you want to run an installer that needs xorg inside the chroot. Pain again.
chroot-less is much easier, it's how desktops are designed to be maintained these days...
Okay - now having issues with LVDS. Some units respond to xrandr with LVDS-0 and some with LVDS-1. We've added both to the kernel.conf and updated the ltsp builds but the units with LVDS-0 are failing to disable the virtual display. Am I missing something here?
kernel.conf? Why not lts.conf / XRANDR_COMMAND_0?
XRANDR_COMMAND_0="xrandr --output LVDS-0 --off" etc
okay - will that also handle those units that show LVDS-1 as well?
No, use LVDS-1 there
You can either have 2 commands if it works,
or use different [mac-address] sections, one for each client
testing now....
grrrrr ... LVDS still active
login and run xrandr
then try to disable it with an xrandr command
when you manage it, put that command in lts.conf
Does xrandr have distro specific differences?
Not that I know of
Which distro are you in?
ran the command with no errors or warnings but LVDS-0 shows active and connected
Ubuntu 14.04
Put the output of `xrandr` to pastebin...
and the output of `cat /proc/cmdline`
hang on .. working with someone who is onsite - getting that info now.
Another question: when building the ltsp server on ubuntu, would you start with a desktop install or a simple server install.
shomas: did you read the wiki page? It answers that question
"It's assumed that you've installed Ubuntu >= 12.04 without LTSP, e.g. using the desktop CD. "
the only scenario where you don't need desktop software installed is with fat clients from a chroot...
20:49* vagrantc hopes that doesn't make things more complicated
or when you don't want clients to have xorg... clusters etc :)
<Tex> for xrandr outpu
ok, All my installs start out with ubuntu server and i dilike unity so i install gnome. xubuntu lubuntu ect. Can I do this with a gnome?
Tex: xrandr --output LVDS-0 --off should do it then
cat results: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-3.13.0-65-generic root=/dev/mapper/natasha--vg-root ro quiet splash nomdmonddf nomdmonisw
raid in the ltsp clients?
it doesn't show the ltsp kernel changes. he's connected to the root of the server while running the commands.
no raid for clients - diskless
Ah, tell him this:
localxterm: Any applications that you launch on a thin client actually runs on the server, not on the client itself. If you want to open a program on the client locally, you can type 'ltsp-localapps <program>' in a run dialog or in a terminal. For example, 'ltsp-localapps xterm' to open a terminal running on the client.
So, ltsp-localapps xterm, and cat /proc/cmdline from there
Is he reporting that `xrandr --output LVDS-0 --off` doesn't work for him?
same for xrandr then?
no, xrandr is clever and it asks the x server directly
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okay. and correct, the command doesn't turn off the LVDS.
here's what he's run and the output (looks the same to me) ltsp-localapps xterm alanh@natasha:~$ cat /proc/cmdline BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-3.13.0-65-generic root=/dev/mapper/natasha--vg-root ro quiet splash nomdmonddf nomdmonisw
It's two separate commands
ltsp-localapps xterm
then an xterm opens
then, inside _that_ xterm,
cat /proc/cmdline
that xterm will say "alanh@ltsp123", not the natasha server hostname there
says the xterm didn't open - hmmm
Maybe you have disabled localapps there?
they're enabled by default
perhaps .. I'll check the config
yes, it was disabled.
corrected and restarting the tc
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he's in xterm and has the results - is sending me a screen shot.
select in xterm
middle click in gedit
==> it's the xorg way of copy/paste
ro initrd=initrd.img- init=/sbin/init-ltsp quiet splash root=/dev/ndb0 BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz-3.13.0-63.generic BOOTIF=01-80-ee-73-36-f9-19
All seem fine, so I assume it would do the same with a local ubuntu installation, which then makes it a topic for #ubuntu-x
Ask the gurus there, but maybe they're not online at this time
21:12* alkisg hasn't seen xrandr -off not working anywhere
okay - thanks ...
21:19alkisg is now known as work_alkisg
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