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sshd keep receiving disconnection massage .port 5 is the port switch to switch .clients keep disconnected automatically. i tried to restart the sshd and change the switches but still no lucky.
jannyboy: it doesn't say port 5, it says port 51466. It's TCP port, not switch port
Try to ssh to the server (1) from a pc in the same switch, and (2) from a pc in the second switch. See if they fail; if they do, it's an issue that isn't related to ltsp
<alkisg> "Try to ssh to the server (1..." <- its doing the same,
If ssh has a problem even in the same switch, then check the server cable, it may be bad
do you thing bond 0 can be the problem
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jannyboy[m], make sure you only assign an IP address to bond0 and not the individual interfaces as well
Else your bond master might actually be fighting over the network with it's slaves.
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