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Channel log from 16 January 2011   (all times are UTC)

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Attempting to create fat client image on lucid server--already using localapps image.
using info from page:
Using method of ltsp-build-client.conf--couple of questions. First, since I already have localapps running, do I need to run first command: sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone? Don't think so but not sure.
Don't see where in the ltsp-build-client.conf method it will make name of client image--I'm concerned it might overwrite my current localapps image--no worries?
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Do I have to run sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone to make a fat client image if I already have thin clients/localapps working?
hmmm... I'll guess not.
Made backup of entire /opt/ltsp/i386/ directory so if it's overwritten no prob.
ltsp-build-client gave this message: NOTE: Root directory /opt/ltsp/i386 already exists, this will lead to problems, please remove it before trying again. Exiting.
Will rename current directory to /opt/ltsp/i386-thin... and try again
info: LTSP client installation completed successfully
Test drive on Tuesday.
good luck!
Thanks Naruni!
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