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alkisg: no issue currently but why not if we find time. I was not sure did I do it right configuring secondary dhcproxy server. It was not enough to configure dhcp-host tag with mac in primary dnsmasq, I neeeded to configure dhcp-host tag also in secondary dnsmasq
You need it in both of them, yes. One to allow only this client, one to prohibit only this client.
ok. so it uses normal dhcp request on the client, which is first ignored because it di not get from the primary what it wants?
pxe is prohibited because I set it to boot primary only for clients wihtout tag and the dhcp request is ignored?
I'm not sure I understand your setup, that's why I asked for VNC, to be able to see in a couple of minutes
ProxyDHCP clients get their IPs from a real DHCP server, and the boot information for any of the proxyDHCP/LTSP servers around
What's your real DHCP server, is it one of the LTSP servers or an external one?
ok. I'm busy currently. do you have time today after 14pm?
For the next 12 months or so my free time is very limited, that's why I was trying to save it with VNC instead of chatting here or in issues :D
In the mornings I'm at work, you can try to ping me from e.g. 08:30 to 13:30 some morning and see if I happen to have a few minutes free, between development, phd, supporting schools etc..
Usually I can handle up to 3 VNC sessions and 1 telephone in parallel :D
ok. let's do that way, thanks.
You have 2 ears alkisg. You could easily add another telephone into the mix.
Hyperbyte: but only one mouth :D
Just need to listen twice as much as you talk, done. ;-)
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Meh, even on IRC, I say: teacher1: do this. teacher2: do that. And they don't even read who I'm talking to, and they do both of them
My multitasking abilities are limited by the interfaces. We need to grow more mouths etc :P
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