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Hello guys! hope everyone is doing alright.
Would someone be able to shed some light on a specific issue in regards to PXE booting errors when attempting to boot to the LTSP server?
I have a WinServer2012R2 that is acting as NAT/DC/DNS/DHCP for a test environment. I would like to setup a LTSP server to serve images to thin clients. I have this up currently in VirtualBox. I've configured DHCP to point to the LTSP server, and also the created CHROOT image from the "ltsp image /" command. I've set the path to the .img file as the
Boot image. When it comes time for the thin clients to boot I get 2 specific pxe boot errors. Heres the screenshot:
I've tried accessing those links it suggested in the site but they dont seem to exist any longer. Would someone be able to help me?
Wowy, after transferring the image you also need `ltsp kernel` and `ltsp ipxe`
Hello alkisg after the / image was create I ran ```ltsp ipxe``` so I'll try ```ltsp kernel```
ah sorry misread the image
this just means an old ipxe version
is the client vbox?
yes VirtualBox6.1.10 On Ubuntu 20.04
Here is my WindowsServer DHCP options:
Wowy: vbox's internal ipxe is broken, use ipxe.iso instead
I wanted to make sure that this format is also proper. I initially thought this was the issue.
it advertizes things that it doesn't have
either use the intel emulation of vbox (the extensions),
or ipxe.iso, ipxe.dsk, something from
ignore completely what I said about ltsp kernel and ltsp ipxe above, I misread the screenshot due to hurry
no problem, one other question, is the BootFile parameter set properly inside of the DHCP?
Or can I point it like so `/srv/ltsp/images/x86_64.img`?
Wowy: bootfile is a long story, it needs to be different for bios/uefi/ipxe
It's usually easier to use proxydhcp, than real dhcp; but the page above ^ has a proper example configuration anyway
I checked out the isc-dhcp documentation. I can edit the network parameters to fit the vbox network. So should I simply leave the BootFile option blank?
If you mean in your main dhcp, and then to use the ltsp server's proxydhcp, then sure
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Ok, I will try it that way. I'll see if that configuration works for the network requirements. Thank you alkisg
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Hey there alkisg sorry to bother once more. I solved the PXEbooting into the LTSP image selection menu. As you had said for me to use proxydhcp. which now works. However when I select the image for it to boot here is what happens. The image fails to boot, it looks like PXE is looking for
`/ltsp/ltsp.img` which is not the name of the image name. Here is where the chroot image was placed. I did not change any ltsp settings? Is there perhaps a setting I forgot to set?
Wowy: you need to run `ltsp initrd` at least once
install: To install LTSP:
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Thank you alkisg! I've read the rest of the documentation. Thank you for showing that to me I was using a third party site lol.
I got to work perfectly, However one last thing. I did not find a section on silent boot. Is there a way for me to turn off the menu and kernel boot messages and have the login screen come up. The reason is because I cannot have none of the options in the beginning to show up since I'm having this for a bunch little kids in a day care.
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I want to give a great thanks to the LTSP project. I have setup a LTSP setup at the youth club where I work, and it runs great on out quite outdated hardware, and I have to say I'm really impressed with how easy it was to setup.
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