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I got this message "this kernel requires an x86-64 cpu but only detected an i686 cpu" please what i've to fix? Is there any document that suggest me the way to resolve
It means you're trying to run a 64-bit kernel on a 32-bit CPU.
I assume you've installed Ubuntu Server edition and ran ltsp-build-client?
If so, then you've built a 64-bit version of the client. You could remove everything in /opt/ltsp/ and build a new 32-bit client, with ltsp-build-client --arch=i386
Hyperbyte: do you have time to be involved in the maintenance? If not, I'm thinking of closing down everything, the stories, the map, irclogs etc, and just maintaining a couple of wiki pages at github
Jim and Ron said ok about moving the site elsewhere
install: for Ubuntu, or for other distributions
Seba_: follow that ^ page to install ltsp, and use the 32bit mate cd that is linked there
For the server reinstallation
alkisg: I'd suggest keeping a simple introduction, irc logs and links to wiki (whether github or mediawiki) at
That would require minimal maintenance
no maintenance beats little maintenance :)
(I assume alkisg is talking about pointing at the github pages)
as in, "" simply points to Github
Well, you could just make it so that the information never gets outdated and the github link is at the top
Would be zero maintenance
On the other hand, the benefit wouldn't be too big
but that would still mean if the server goes down the page goes down
Well, I could maintain a server for it myself if that's the problem
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uumas: irclogs require a server with a bot and php
You could provide one now, but it's not certain if it'll be there next year or in 5 years
While github will supposedly be there somewhat longer
well, wouldn't strictly require php ... could just have something log to text files and server over a web server
Hyperbyte_:I haven't enugh skill in linux. I'm approching just now. If you think that i can help in someway I'll be available.
About, I'm not sure if they'll want to hand it over, and who's going to be paying for it etc; for me, if there's no server, there's little point in keeping
vagrantc: "log" = bot = some sort of language, php or other
Even if someone programs a log that git pushes the logs, he still needs a server for the bot
*programs a bot
Also, I would prefer some sort of forum or askubuntu questions etc, instead of mailing lists that are non-linkable
So that would make most of the irclogs not very helpful
E.g. for supporting greek schools, I write the answers in the forum, and point them there from irc, so noone really needs irclogs from there; they're just "the answer is there" links
alkisg: right
I don't mind paying for the domain - I can put it on my company's account, will be automatically paid for indefinitely
it would be unfortunate to let it elapse, some scammer might pick it up
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I can make a plain-text dump of the current content + put a big header at the top saying "Please visit for the latest information" or something
put in 301 permanent redirects for specific pages that are convered on Github
(even with a name change, having scammers run away with would be detrimental; seeing how small LTSP is I don't expect this to happen, but you never know)
i think LTSP is probably bigger than it looks, but hard to know for sure, and yeah, preserving the domain for a while would be good
at least providing a redirect page
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quinox: If you can handle the domain registration, I could maintain and host the server
Has anyone visited
I usually just google "systemd" and go to the first site there
have now... heh
I think alkisg's point is that we don't want any specific server; I've been involved with Open Source for many many years now, and while it's nobody's fault really you can't trust anybody to be around next year
So if pagerank gets transferred to e.g., a couple of years later, noone would want
They could get too if they wanted; but I don't think they care enough if the pagerank isn't there
There are multiple parts there. One is the hosting; another is the sysadmin/programming for the server
E.g. the map for the stories doesn't work, since a couple of years now
Let's say that next year I had disappeared somewhere and the server went down. Quinox would still have the domain.
I can do hosting and sysadmin
Hyperbyte did that; he probably doesn't have time to fix it currently,
so, to maintain it, I would need to read about google maps api, which I don't want to
so, keeping things simpler = easier maintenance when switching sysadmins etc
Yeah, I agree with keeping it simple
(talking about etc)
ugh, don't talk to me about Google maps -_-
Anyways, it's late here. Thank you all guys, good night
even when customers pay me to fix it it's annoying
20:39* quinox waves goodnight
I was thinking something like a simple worpress or drupal site
Yeah, same. Goodnight
WP and Drupal are far from simple when you're getting hacked and/or need to upgrade them to new versions
The beauty of Github pages (or something similar) is that LTSP as a group only needs to concern themselves with the content
as long as Github keeps existing of course
github pages can be used without having to use a domain, no?
the content maintained in git, relatively easy to move elsewhere if we really had to ... it seems like a good way forward at this stage of things, despite not being my usual inclination
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it'd be easy to mirror, could even have a server ready-to-go if github somehow goes badly.
don't think it's likely at this point, but we've seen hosting providers do a full 180 in short order in the past... i like that it wouldn't be too much vendor locking
yeah, git+markdown is pretty awesome in that regard
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