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hello, is this romm the right place to ask questions about setting up ltsp?
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Hello David, yes sure go ahead and ask
cool! I'm currently setting up an ltsp environment based on Xubuntu 22.04. We are using sssd with ldap as the authentication method and everything works fine so far. The clients boot the OS and I can login. But somehow the home directoy isn't mounted from the server. All data is lost after a reboot of the client. Do you know what could cause this issue? Do I have to enable this feature manually?
Press ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to vt2 and login from there. See if you get any sshfs mounting issues
Also try `ssh username@server`, and see if you can properly login via ssh
(from the client)
alright I will try that out. Thank you!
Thank you for the tip. It lead me straight to the solution. I disabled password login on the host as I always do. This caused the mount to fail. It now works just fine!
that's a reasonable configuration for most servers ... is there some explicit note about that in the documentation?
I haven't seen anything.
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David: to restrict user access to chrooted sftp instead of full ssh sessions, see:
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<alkisg> "David: to restrict user access..." <- Thanks. I will try that out tomorrow 👍