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Hello im a frustrated linux new user
i was about to throw away a very old computer
but then, i thought, maybe i can make this machine work put games on it and give it to a poor kid
sorry, i apologize
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Good evening all,
Am looking for a practical way to setup LTSP with Fedora, the linked Fedora/K12linux project looks dead - I can only find the actual page in Google cache and it looks like it is last modified in 2008.
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Willtech: there are no recent public ltsp packages for fedora
bcg is maintaining ltsp for redhat, but I don't think he put them anywhere public yet
If you can use a deb-based distro like Debian or Ubuntu, it would be a lot easier
alkisg: Hmm. I saw previously that there was a ltsp-client package available but no ltsp-server. In Fedora 27 there is three packages availabl: ltspfs, ltspfsd, vnc-ltsp-config - each of which are addons.
I can build from source if there are documents covering dependencies/make/install/configure/use?
Unfortunately `make install` isn't as good as it should
So most distro maintainers had their own installation scripts
So you'd mostly need to be able to create your own packages, unless bcg can share his
Does the in the project root work? It call another that executes `aclocal && autoconf && automake -a -c`?
As I said, it's not as good as it should
It will do a few of the necessary things, and then you'll need to copy the results around in your file system
Because that part is handled by the packaging
Yes, but what where? The project could certainly do to be better documented. I realise that these things take time that is often not available.
Willtech: this isn't a matter of documentation. It's a matter of someone willling to pick up redhat packaging maintenance
For a packager, discovering what goes where, isn't hard
It's not a matter of documenting things for users, users shouldn't need to know packaging details
For a packager, yes.
For the server administrator (user) the documentation is helpful for when there is no package available.
It's like saying, "ltsp doesn't run in fedora, please document how to make it run"
It's easier to find someone to fix the code, than to document how to fix the code
Or in this case, it would be much easier to find a fedora packager than to find someone knowing and willing to write full documentation for fedora packagers
(or for fedora sysadmins)
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Well, it is a good project. I hope there is much success in deploying for Fedora. Look forward to seeing it in the default repos. Red Hat is a good first step for that @bcg
11:22* alkisg hopes bcg will go public as well; it's been years now :D
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Willtech: I can share .spec files, or even .rpm. They should mostly just work for Fedora too.
all but .spec files are already available at lp
I would much rather maintain those .spec's within ltsp trees (one per three), but last time that idea was rejected.
one per tree...
tree? repo. whatever.
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bcg: personally I believe that the official ltsp maintainer of any distro should be allowed to commit distro related code and why not packaging to ltsp-upstream
What would it take for your packages to be published in redhat?
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hy there. Someone active at this time?
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