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Is there a good documentation source on using NBD instead of NFS? I'm looking on the website and can't find it.
I've never used NBD but I know from running VMware clusters that block-level (iSCSI) typically beats file-level (NFS) network stores
alkisg had some reliability issues with NBD and so switched to an image shipped over NFS ... slight performance loss but much higher reliability.
good to know
for quite some time LTSP used NBD by default ...
long ago it used the rootfs directly over NFS ... now it's using a squashfs image mounted from an NFS volume... seems to work better
i've seen some patches for LTSP fly around for using ceph/rbd instead, which probably has more active maintenence than NBD
oh yeah ceph blockdevs would be ideal
especially squashfs+ceph for root
and in theory, iSCSI might be an option ... alkisg also experimented with Ata-over-Ethernet (AoE) which had some interesting features
iSCSI is mostly useful for people with existing proprietary SAN setups. If you're building fresh for an all-Linux system, I'd go with Ceph.
you can probably experiment around with hooks in the initramfs; LTSP doesn't much care where it gets it's root filesystem from
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