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alkisg: no problem at all.
vagrantc: if alkisg approves #659 upstream, could you cherry-pick that change to make "ltsp kernel" work for people who have /tmp on tmpfs? Thanks.
(cherry-pick to LTSP in Debian, that is)
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heh. was looking into the reproducibility issue with ltsp and lamby beat me to it :)
A perfect job too, with an upstream pr...
Although it might make sense for the build environment to take care about dates and timezones, instead of each separate developer code
normalizing the build environment is definitely useful, but building code reproducibly shouldn't depend on it
(or in this case, manpages)
it's also nigh-impossible to force a date ... you can set the build to a starting time, but depending on how long the build takes, the amount of parallelism, etc. you might end up embedding a different timestamp
fixing things in the toolchains ... e.g. fixing go-md2man is an option
and if you try to freeze the date to a specific time, various buildsystems will fail to work
alkisg: i wonder if the switch to go-md2man was what changed ... earlier it "just worked"
other than a fluke, ltsp has been building reproducibly for quite a while
alkisg: so ... should i release a new upstream version or fork the debian packaging to include the patch?
22:20* vagrantc can even fork it into a debian/sid branch
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uploaded a -2 version to debian unstable, made a debian/bookworm branch (since it's targeting bookworm), and cherry-picked the relevent commits into the main branch