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stgraber, ping
petre: pong
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turns out my thin client hardware doesn't do an EL6 i686 chroot
trying the fedora11 i586 chroot
monteslu, probably because EL6 doesn't support anything below i686 anymore
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I guess none of the newer kernels do
Fedora 11 is horribly outdated though, are you sure that's a good choice?
Hyperbyte: fedora: LTSP for Fedora is maintained by the K12Linux project. Currently support only goes as far as Fedora 12. An LTSP version for RedHat EL6 and possibly Fedora 14 is in development.
well, its just teh chroot
most apps wont be local
and I'm on fedora 9 in the lab :)
for the server
Heh. :)
I've got like 70 of these epia thin clients I want to keep using
I had driver problems with the Fedora 12 Intel module for my thin clients' graphics chip, ended up switching to Ubuntu 11.04
I did want to take chrome for a spin as a local app
But I probably have a bit newer hardware than you do.
yeah, 11.04 has same problem on my thin client hardware
Oh? What kind of problem?
its kernel doesn't do < i686
Really? Ubuntu's kernel doesn't either?
anything greater than 2.6.35, I think
can you explain "it's kernel doesn't do < i686"
the epia i586 boards are missing cx8 and cmov instructions
>2.6.35 builds from fedora and ubuntu wont load
warren togami has a fedora 11 chroot that I'm hoping loads, which at least will be an improvement on the fedora9 i'm using
hopefully i can get chrome local on that
or at least tuxpaint and some games :)
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I guess my old 150s are pretty old
figured this stuff would have gotten a lot cheaper, but hardware got moderately better and price got a little higher
I've got a bunch of ntavo things too
looks like ntavo/devonit is dell now :(
I only have DLWS 1720's, but I have a much different and much smaller environment than you probably.
As in, company, not school. :)
well, I've got a lab of about ~30, and 40 or some more spread out. so around 70 total
the 1720s have atoms, so you must be doing alot of local apps?
Actually, none at all.
Well, softphones, to avoid extra network latency.
Server has dual gigabit, 16 GB ram and AMD Phenom 6-core 3.3ghz... so... I don't really have a need for localapps. :)
yeah, plenty of bandwith there
For 9 users max, yeah. :)
My biggest motivation for using LTSP is the ease of centralization, rather than saving money.
I hear that
mine was both :)
I set it up 10 years ago, and every year have slowing been adding to this network
part time volunteer basis
well, I got the thin clients to boot with fedora 11 chroot
but yum is broken in it, so I'm gonna have fun trying to install local apps to it
ewww, not just yum. /proc isn't mounted when i do a "setarch i386 chroot ."
mount /proc works :)
Hrm, setarch i386 chroot?
Not ltsp-chroot ?
yup, just chroot
Fedora should have that script as well, does everything for you.
might be a differenc in how warren set it up
No, I mean
'whereis ltsp-chroot'
not included
that doesn sound handy though
That's nuts.
Why not?
probably an oversight
this build is really new
It's handy. You type 'ltsp-chroot' and it chroots into /opt/ltsp/i386/, mounts /proc/ and /dev/ for you, does the setarch bit...
And you're ready to go.
I'll report it as a bug
just beta testing stuff right now
tuxpaint works as a local app on these ancient thin clients :)
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What are their specs?
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Hyperbyte, 500mhz epia thin clients with 128MB
and a bunch of 800Mhz that were supposed to have 512, but I just realized the computer teacher never put the new ram chips that I asked her to
so they're like 96 minuts 8 megs of shared video
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bought the new ram sticks like 5 years ago
I wonder now if I could get some small boxes to replace these old things on the cheap. At least the 500Mhz ones. And have them as chubby clients
wow has dual core atom bare bones systems for 159.
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only missing ram, but can get 2 gigs of so-dimm from newegg for 25 bucks
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