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Hi alkisg_irc :-) Printing still isn't working. I'm a bit confused on how it should work exactly, so I can debug it.
Are cupsd supposed to be running on both the client and server?
Hyperbyte: only the server needs cupsd. The clients use cups-client to connect to the server cupsd
What's the output of cupsctl on the server?
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If I understand correctly, I'm supposed to see print jobs done from clients appear in the server's print jobs log, correct?
Just got a call with new information... apparently people can print from LibreOffice, but not from Firefox
Which is great information as in, it helps me reproduce and narrow down the issue. But boy does that sound vague. Does Firefox use a different printing backend than LibreOffice?
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Yes, printing goes through the server. Not sure if it's cups-client or cupsd that keeps logs, possibly cupsd.
Indeed these programs use a different printer discovery dialog
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