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Hi alkisg , thank you for all the help on troubleshooting my ltsp. one thing i wanted to mention,, at client bootup if i try and do an ctl-b to get into the ipxe menu i get no response,, it is the same at the 'blue menu' i cannot scroll down any with the keyboard. I have never tried this before,but it appears at this point the keybooard is frozen?
Just wanted to mention this,,possibly may give a clue for future diagonostics. Barry
brcisna: this mean that it's completely unrelated to ltsp or ipxe
As at that point, keyboard is handled by the BIOS/UEFI
ok i must have something funky in the bios maybe? Thank You
At this point, I think it would be best to ask your distribution support channels
OK Thanks,I will
Unfortunately I don't have time to troubleshoot unrelated software or hardware issues...
Cheers :)
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