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alkisg, Should I be able to get away with only installing the LDAP client on the server or do I need nslcd installed and configured in the LTSP client image too? I currently have nslcd installed in the image only and not that I'm installing it on the server where it definitely need to be installed, I'm wondering if I should remove nslcd from the client image?
*and now that I'm installing
Nah it needs to be installed on the client
logion wouldn't work otherwise. Crazy thought
I'm always trying to minimise :)
delete delete delete
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alkisg, I got my LTSP ZFS home dirs config fully working today. The users datasets are created (if they don't already exist) using a pam_exec script that I enable all members of the users group exec as root via sudoers
That gets run wheb they login ofc
In the next month or two I will be updating my LTSP server install wiki guide with a lot more detail and that will cover setting up an LTSP server with ZFS home dirs
It will cover a whole sackload of gotchas and should be a great complement to the official docs
I've writte it already, it just needs a bit of tweaking and sanitising for public consumption
It will cover setting LTSP for a awkward uni network like ours, if anyone wants to borrow our weird config but more importantly it will have the nslcd LDAP and ZFS config gold in it
Hopefully it will reduce the amount of nagging poor alkisg has to suffer. I can guarantee it will, a bit at least. Its a bloody good condensed guide to Ubuntu as is
There will be a big warning at the start that it NOT the easiest way to configure LTSP but it will still be useful to users wanting simpler congigs
I'm pretty good a writing these docs now as I've done a far stack of them. This is the best one yet.
ignore my typing in IRC, its not representative of my amazing dox, honest.
alkisg, Thaks again for all your help! The wiki is going to win big from our combined efforts soon...
danboid: great news, glad you sorted all this out
It was the second hardest job I've done yet after settiog up openstack. Sure there will be small tweaks to do yet but getting the LDAP/PAM/ZFS logins thing sorted was definitely the hard bit and thats done at last!
Great to see it works with no changes required to LTSP
I would've got here much faster if I'd tried testing with more than one LDAP account most likely
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