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daya, hi
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i have ltsp5 and 7.04 system. one client does have xp installed, i have configured multiboot and both OS works. But in XP, network won't receive anything. what is wrong?
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06:43* ogra wonders why vagrant didnt commit a thing yet
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maybe his tree has lost its Internet connection?
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highvoltage, well, i created a LP tree where warren, sbalneav, vagrantc and me can commit to speed up things ...
he has his tree ready he said ... but that was two days ago and there were no commits yet
07:05* ogra is urgerntly waiting for something he can tar up as pre-release tarball ... i need to get ubuntu going my time is very short
ogra: ah ok :(
i have 20 days left to have a stable usable upstream source
ogra: I didn't mean bzr tree though, I wondered if he was staying in one of the trees again
(as in, brown thing with green leaves)
ogra: shew
and noobody moves :/
when last was he on IRC?
!seen vagrantc
ogra: vagrantc was last seen in #ltsp 1 day, 16 hours, 57 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <vagrantc> ogra: is created with the --append-revisions-only flag?
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anyone have any experience with POS software on linux?
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I have an edubuntu ltsp setup; upgraded it and now I'm having trouble with (probably) the lts.conf
how did you upgrade ?
you should move the old chroot out of the way and re-run ltsp-build-client on upgrades ....
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hello all
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ogra: apt-get upgrade, then ltsp-build-client
ogra: problem is some clients (allegedly only a specific type of HP vectra) start their X server, then nothing else happens
screen remains blank
and I can switch ty virtual terminals and ping the client
the only thing I can find in the logs is that that client is looking for lts.conf in strange places
like /lts.conf and /boot/lts.conf (over tftp)
pity is they just got something like 20 of those vectras here
in gutsy lts.conf belongs to /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf
is that in the host's root, or in the client's chroot?
tere was an issue with X trying to run various intel cards th 32bit mode where they only can do 24bit ... try setting X_COLOR_DEPTH=24
the hosts root
lts.conf is pulled from initramfs via tftp
09:52* ogra needs to go ... back soon
I have no lts.conf in /var/lib/tftpboot anywhere
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sbalneav, are you here ? ;-)
I have to go
bye guys
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