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autologin still fails, I've read the documentation, and doing aptitude update, any hint?
I'm using xubuntu btw
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I think I found a bug, upon startup and according to the documentation
lts.conf is on /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386
from my tcpdump, the client was asking from the / path, not under ltsp/i386
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stgraber, can you please take a look at ? that looks serious
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Hi, can anyone help me gat a printer running from a client?
I have the printer settings in lts.conf set up PRINTER_0_DEVICE = /dev/lp0, PRINTER_0_TYPE = P
I can telnet into the client-ip:9100, but any print jobs sent to this printer go through CUPS without issue and disappear into the ether.
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Fixed it, the modules although specified in lts.conf were not being loaded so a file called /dev/lp0 was being created that contained the print jobs.
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alkisg: "docs" is For the most current documentation, see
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ogra: yeah, it's weird. At least it doesn't happen by default. I'll have to look at it, I'm not familiar with the resolv.conf generation thing
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Isn't LDM_SSHOPTIONS used anymore?
command = g_strjoin(" ", "ssh", "-Y", "-t", "-M", "-S", ldm.control_socket, port ? port : "", "-o", "NumberOfPasswordPrompts=1", userathost, "echo " SENTINEL "; /bin/sh -", NULL);
I can see it in ldm.c, but not in sshutils.c...
i remember looking for it too, and couldn't find it...
I guess someone reworked ssh_session() and didn't remember to put it there... should I send a patch?
What was the format for LDM_SSHOPTIONS? E.g. LDM_SSHOPTIONS="-o CheckHostIP=\"no\" -o StrictHostKeyChecking=\"no\" -o LogLevel=\"ERROR\"" ?
Or e.g. a comma seperated list?
no idea
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Hmmm maybe just an email to ltsp-developers then... Ah, vagrantc, now that you're here - is this ( valid for me to follow with sid & KDE?
alkisg: sure, no real changes
OK, thanks
KDE won't have icons for localapps without adding the custom hook for it, though
as far as i know.
the hook should be in /usr/share/doc/ltspfs/examples/
Ah, ok, my clients are too thin for localapps :(
with instructions in the comments
er, sorry. not local apps, local media
Thanks, I'll try to set the hook.
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hey everyone
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