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Channel log from 4 December 2010   (all times are UTC)

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Something progress. Got HW fixed, so time to tune dhcpd and so on.
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Booting over wlan... Freaking slow.
Oh... nbd was missing.. :(
wlan ~= 50 mbps, about half the speed of a 100 mbps lan. But that's just for 1 client, for more clients it downgrades very fast...
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alkisg, and that 50 mbps is both directions..
Right... well a good client still boots in under a minute with it. But only one client. :)
No need more than two, so I can live with it.
Boot Agent waits dhcp responce oddly long time. Like it's getting something, but not fast enogh.
Ok, it doesn't receive dhcpoffer. Strange.
Your boot agent supports wireless cards? Wow...
I thought that was extremely rare
What about security? Does it support configuring WPA keys etc?
Wireless is handeld by A-Link WNAP.
Configured to be eth-to-wlan converter.
Ah, nice
udhcp gives No lease, failing.
Looks like udp drops somewhere..
udhcp? So it boots the kernel and fails afterwards?
Try putting IPAPPEND 3 in pxelinux.cfg/default then
That should get you past the second dhcp request
Oh my.. vdr fails with one frontend.
There's something strange in link.
Takes too long to get offer over wlan.
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Sucks. Can't see from wlan AP connected clients.
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Ok. My ADSL/WLAN router fails when dhcpd is somewhere else in network.
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Doesn't autologin.
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