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hi there, i just got a ltsp-server (chrootless -> kubuntu 20.04) with ldap authentication running. On startup user directories are created in /home username. I wonder if it is somehow possible to use program settings - i am looking at firefox with bookmark synchronisation for all. So far each user gets a new/empty firefox profile. Is it somehow
possible to use the settings/profile of the main account on the ltsp-server to also "serve" stuff like the firefox profile. These settings are normally stored under /home/.mozilla.
This question isn't specific to ltsp, it's common to all multiuser systems,
Firefox supports global default and mandatory settings, they do have documentation for that
The profile can't be cloned because it depends on the user home path
yes - thats what i am trying to solve. i know you can specify the path of the firefox profile - which is normally set to home. I thought maybe the settings done by the ltsp-administrator can be cloned to all. But guess you cant have it all. thx a lot.
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alkisg: Made a rough write up so you can test your RockPro64 with ltsp!
Thank you sfxworks; not sure when I'll get tiem to try it, but it'll certainly be fun!
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