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how can change nfs server in ltsp?
i need change my nfs server in debian ltsp
what file i need edit to set the new server?
What do you mean? You have /opt/ltsp/i386 in a separate server?
Can you paste your /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default ?
i found it
option root-path "";
set this line in dhcpd.conf
to set new nfs server
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Good day everyone.
I have a quick question. I have a couple of machines that are off the beaten path of our network at small branch locations.
I was thinking about using a compact flash card for booting an LTSP FatClient type of install.
Has anybody done this and how well does it work?
I figured this way pushing an update would be as simple as sending a CF card in the mail, delayed, but useful for the user.
We have the disadvantage of being a small company sprawled out in a large area. 85% of our users are tied together with direct fiber links office to office, but we have a few that aren't and are tied in with various connections and IPSEC tunnels
jtwood: ltsp over want won't be fast, both thin or fat
NX would be a better approach
Okay. Assuming its a terminal server...still new to some of this newfangled stuff. ;)
Okay...found some info on it. Any specific recommendations on where to go to start? I know you all have a ton more experience with this and its easy to waste a lot of time looking
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jtwood my recommendation would be not to use ltsp for the remote offices, alkisg is right, ltsp does not work well over a wan
jtwood: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freenx-team && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install neatx-server
That should do it for the server
For the client, install the nx machine client, available for free for many OSes from their site
Of course that assumes that the client has some OS on it
Thanks for the suggestions.
I'll be giving it a try.
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I'm looking for some sort of failsafe system that would allow remotely rebooting thin clients that have non-functional root file systems after network breaks or temporary downtime of the ltsp server, does anyone have any ideas on how that could be achieved?
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good morning everyone
Juhaz: this should succeed in *some* cases. Change nbd-client to something else if you're not using nbd: while nbd-client -c /dev/nbd0; do sleep 60; done; echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger
Normally nbd-client and sleep would be cached so they'd work even if the client is disconnected, but that's not guaranteed
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alkisg, maybe I'll just write a tiny mlockall()'d daemon that writes to sysrq-trigger, should be reasonably foolproof, I guess...
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Juhaz: still not bulletproof, it might be cached, but sure has better chances to survive. If you do write it, post to the ltsp mailing list if you want, many people will find it handy i believe
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Hi all, I am using ltsp-cluster with kde 4.3 and am having a bit of yrouble setting user path and umask. I want to avoid placing a .bashrc in every users home directory.
I have a script placed under /etc/profile.d that sources a custom .bashrc and was expecting that to load on user login but it does not.
So I did some digging around and found that if I update $PATH in /etc/environment it is now updated on user login, but I can not get umask to be updated in the /etc/environment(most likely because it does not belong there)
Can anyone tell me where the proper location for this is?
see the instructions for setting umask in /etc/login.defs
It's not ltsp related
cool, thanks alkisg, A co worker made some changes to the chroot login.defs, do you know if the required changes are needed on the app server or the chroot?
On the app server
thank you.
But the instructions there mention pam_umask
Not modifying login.defs
seeing that one now.
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Hmmm weird, a very old nvidia vanta card works ok with nouveau on a fat chroot, but not on a thin chroot... I wonder if some firmware is missing
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i'm getting a weird compile error when compiling ldm
File "./", line 108
print my_locale + " " + this_nice_name
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SyntaxError: invalid syntax
anyone has a clue what's causing it
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hmm, it might have to do with python 3.1
when switching to python 2.6, there is no error
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filing a bug
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y hlo thur everyone
I am having a problem with LTSP installed on a 10.04 Server installation with ltsp-server-standalone
dhcp server is operating properly, but the client can't start TFTP
netstat -anp shows accepting connections on port 69
anybody have any ideas?
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how can I optimize my network for LTSP
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no_mind: could you be more specific?
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hello everyone
Still no hulu. It loads fine, and the flash works. It won't continue playing after the first set of ads though (funny the ads work). It must have something to do with squid
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