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ltsp is able to give ipv6 to clients?
Most of the related components like ipxe and DNSmasq and NFS should work with IPv6, but it hasn't been tested
ok, thanks, I will try it (I need ipv6)
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how are you
alkisg: how can we check connection is coming from vlan from client?
Douglas Giovani Oechsler: in weekends I don't have good network connectivity, try to find me in weekdays
(at sea...)
our scenario: proxmox ltsp server - lan and vlan pfsense - mikrotik port - network - ltsp client. The Ltsp client works nice when in lan. Now go to dhcp server - vlan pfsense, enable dhcp for this vlan, config microtik to pass to port, and appear the client up.
alkisg: ahhhh right, I am sorry
It's a complicated setup, it'll take some time to explain and dive into it
It can't be done easily over a phone etc
thank you, Have Good weekend and Nice sea owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
alkisg: Its ok! Thank you Alkis!
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