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Hello again! In my adventures with LTSP I have had trouble working with a few remote servers that suddenly can't anymore. I don't have access to a visual on them so I am working on replicating issues remotely. In an attempt to work with a generic image, I have ran into a kernel panic with the debian cloud image. So a quick questions. Am I wrong to
use the generic cloud image/does baremetal require me to do things differently? Currently working with
For instance, I followed (with help of others here) to successfully boot my RPis. Though it required me to install ltsp on the client images. I do not see the same requirement here but is it?
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Feeling I need to switch to live images, I tried the ubuntu live server image and got `FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmp.9z7ebg59z1/root/etc/passwd'` `LTSP command failed: /usr/share/ltsp/client/login/pwmerge --ltsp --quiet /tmp/tmp.9z7ebg59z1/root/tmp/pwempty /tmp/tmp.9z7ebg59z1/root/etc
/tmp/tmp.9z7ebg59z1/root/tmp/pwmerged` after running `ltsp image ubuntu`