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Hi alkisg
How can I mount /dev or /proc in chroot ?
Im trying to install apache and mysql on chroot but its not getting installed
infact any service is not getting installed.. and everyone says that /dev and /proc not mounted
07:32* alkisg is decorating the christmas tree, later...
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Trixboxer: mount -t proc proc /proc
When you are in chroot that is
hmm ok let me try .. thanks biomorph_
yeah that worked..
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Trixboxer: glad to be of help.
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has any of you info concerning the method for the ltsp client to connect to the server ?
after the thinclient loads kernel and initrd using the tftp and boots the image, what happens next? how does the thinclient know where is the real ltsp server ?
Mava, the thin client download it's configuration file 9
and then reads it and connect to the right server using ssh.
mgariepy: so in the image file there will be lts.conf where it chooses the server, right ?
Mava: lts.conf is downloaded on boot from the server via tftp
Gadi: "lts.conf" ::
Mava: if no lts.conf is present, the boot server is used as the application server
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and if in the lts.conf there is no application server specified it uses the boot server as it
the lts.conf file on ubuntu is located at: /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf for i386 images
correct - that is the default
yah, found it and already configured it for some clients, but this environment will make a little change with the boot and application server and that makes this complicated
the defaults create a useable and secure one-server solution
sounds good to me
you can set LDM_SERVER = <application server>
to have the session connect to a different application server
lets see what will it do
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hmm.. didn't work, seems that it can also be some stupid routing or firewall problem, thanks Gadi anycase - that helped a lot =)
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"Mount any vbox-compatible disk image on the host":
/me imagines installing the Ubuntu desktop .iso into a vbox disk normally, and then installing "ltsp-client" on it, and then ltsp-update-image mounting the vbox disk and squashfs'ing it into an nbd image...
It would offer a bootable chroot + the normal GUI configuration tools for it (synaptic, gconf-editor, sabayon etc)
oddball question about the SSH function of the new LTSP. My DBA is requesting that we replace the new server's root user private SSH key with the old server's root user key. Anyone know offhand if that will have any impacts on the incoming connections from the LTSP terminals?
I haven't found any private SSH keys stored elsewhere that LTSP might be using with the terminals, so I'm rather concerned it will break.
akuepker: just run ltsp-update-sshkeys && ltsp-update-image after you replace the keys
that will update the chroot's ssh_known_hosts
Thanks. That's about what I figured. Didn't want to do that with users logged in and working. =/
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what am I missing if I keep getting: "nbd_server[23769]: Could not open exported file /opt/ltsp/images/fat-i386.img" I've doublechecked most of the config files I'm aware of, they're all set to not use that img. It's an old one that I got rid of in my n00b adventures into ltsp.
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I can rename the image I want to "fat-i386.img" and it works, just feel like I should know how to set that properly. Not in the dhcpd.conf, not /etc/default/tftpd-hpa , rebooting didn't do anything
oh, duh... I must've messed with this one 10 times, just forgot
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