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stgraber, highvoltage, mgariepy, ogra_: has anyone tried ? Is it an Ubuntu image for the zatab?
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ello, anybody able to assist with audio/sound trouble on a thin client?
yesterday's with hp tc or another one?
yes, didnt get very far yesterday
I have figured out that there is indeed a diff between the sound cards of the t5570 and the t5520
did snd_* modules get loaded for both?
doing a lspci on the t5520 i can see that it is a Via VT8233/A/8235/8297 Audio Controller
yeh doing a lsmod I saw the modules being loaded
one moment I'll check again
yeh i see the via82xx and other modules like the ac97codecs being loaded
snd-via82xx that is, right?
well in lsmod i see only references to snd_via82xx
but i recall an option in the lspci command that indeedshowed me snd-via82xx
np, "_" and "-" are long interchangeable there
what's up with channel levels? (alsamixer -> Master, PCM)
i can load that by simply using "alsamixer" command?
looking at the Edubuntu sound settings dialog i see something very odd... When the dialog lods, and i click on Settings, I see a new dialog with a few tabs and a volume control. The first tab "output" has aentry listed "Built in Analog Stereo".... After a few seconds it just dissappears from the list
And the little speaker top left of the Edubuntu desktop changes to a speaker with 3 dashes ---
top right.. not left
dunno what they did, I'd start with alsamixer on the thin client's local console
$ alsamixer
cannot open mixer: No such file or directory
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on both or on the problematic one?
this happens on both
cat /proc/asound/cards gives me a correct result of the card
VIA8233 etc..
and aplay -l shows me the device is listed as playback device
oh hang on.... alsamixer works from the shell
i see the levels .. Master is at 81, PCM also 81
(on the t5520) that is not working
The master MM was zero.... is that the mono perhaps (internal mono speaker on the tc?)
MM? try pressing "m" on that channel, might be just muted
yeh indeed MM is now also a value
mono is "Master M" on one of the mixers available from where I sit but there's not any hard standard I'm afraid
so it was muted. :)
ok hm
how do i save this?
I don't know if there are any means to manipulate mixer levels at shutdown/startup on edubuntu -- try rebooting and look if the mixer state is saved or reset
ok one moment
no its muted again..
then it's about either figuring out whether such a mechanism is somewhere but disabled (I'd google something like "restore alsa mixer levels")
...or implementing some yourself -- e.g. by figuring out and adding appropriate amixer call to the thin client rootfs
I'm not exactly sure how it's done on edubuntu by now, probably remaking a squashfs
ok thanks allot, i'll do a bit of googling
ok if I idle here?
why, I'm usually lurking either :)
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ok think i am on to something. It looks like these two tc's cannot talk to the Pulseaudio server. when in GNome. If I open up Alsamixer in Gnome it opens a dialsog with no contents.....
If i do the same with for example the Pulseaudio volume control utility it opens up and states "Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait..."
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14:45* gvy is usually not that pleased to wait
TheJuror: so you can hear sound locally with e.g. aplay?
should be more audible after unmuting, and if the sound works on a bit other hw should be working either; my guess is it's now about either proper levels init or at least proper restoration
When pulseaudio doesn't see a card, or when it crashes, the sound applet volume level is zero
And not settable either - I think that's what TheJuror is seeing
yeh when I use aplay from a terminal
it crashes with a message about not finding card 0
TheJuror: can you try that as root from local client shell?
screen_02: To get a root shell on an Ubuntu thin client:
ah, from a shell the aplay works fine once I unmute using alsamixer
Is pulseaudio running locally? ps aux|grep -i pulse
problem i now have is that I cannot start the Gnome session if I have set a shell screen option in lts.conf (for example SCREEN_02=shell)
oh do I have to specify both
ok now have shell screen sorted
yes looks like pulseis running using ps
from the shell the audio looks to work fine with aplay
but from a Gnome terminal session it complains about not finding the card
TheJuror: do you have an .asoundrc or .alsarc for this user?
user@server:~$ echo .a*
echo .a* only returns one entry
in the shell window cat /proc/asound/modules returns the soundcard fine, but the same command in a gnome terminal lists nothing....
That's normal, since you're trying to see the sound cards of your server
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stgraber, highvoltage, mgariepy, ogra_: after installing I got an endless animated logo while the zatab boots...
Is there any key combination that would allow me to go to the recovery console and unbrick the device?
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alkisg, ouch :(
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Yeah, sucks :-/
It was unusable with the stock ROM though, so I had to put a new one there...
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