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Just learned about this GSoC project:
alkisg: do know anything about that?
(that seems more like an hour of installing than a summer of code though)
highvoltage: haha, yes I've talked with the mentor
I wanted to apply, but change the subject to something more useful, like e.g. make ltsp run in recent distros, automate everything through ltsp-config etc
He didn't like that new subject and insisted on making use of his scripts
09:01 automate ltsp installation in vagrant or docker...
I told him that it doesn't make much sense to implement that *outside* of ltsp-config, but I couldn't convince him, so I didn't want to apply to that project anymore
I'm thinking next year to propose "rewrite ltsp" as a gsoc project..
alkisg: nice, that will be a much more worthy project imho
I'm a bit surprised that debian approved that, tbh...
me too, I guess it might have sounded cool to the person who was reviewing it at the time. it can happen, it's a fuzzy process.
(which is a double-sided sword)
alkisg: this one also mentions LTSP, heared of this one? - seems like GSoC students are very interested in LTSP :)
Haha , "how to contact the mentor" => link to a page with only italian :D
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I am new with ltsp and I would like to ask a question
ask away
ask: Don't ask to ask a question, simply ask it, and if someone knows the answer, they'll respond. Please hang around for at least a full hour after asking a question, as not everybody constantly monitors the channel.
I try to install ltsp-server in a virtual machine, when I configure my dhcp I must place the IP of my virtual machine, so that my client uses the image created inside, what I can not do is create several virtual machines with ltsp, for several different clients, since the dhcp only allows me to point to a single machine with ltsp, is this possible?
cvilasboa: unclear what you're going for here
by "client", do you mean an ltsp client pc, or a customer?
if the latter, I suggest using vlans and segregating your VMs and clients
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also one option is to do it by client mac address and normal PXE stuff. I have some client systems pinned to an older ltsp install this way, the main PXE server redirects them
cvilasboa: you can boot any number of clients from one ltsp image. Also, you can have multiple images on the same ltsp server, and use dhcp options or pxe menu for the clients to select which one to boot
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When I speak of a client, I mean a team
I find it interesting that if several images can be used by different clients and that the client can select their image, could you tell me in what way I could carry it out? .. because that's what I'm trying to achieve
cvilasboa: I think you should start with "why do you want multiple images", because many times one image is enough
You can very easily delete menus dynamically on client boot for example
We will have several client machines, the idea is that each user has their own test environment so we want each client machine to have its own image, but if you know another better way to achieve it, I am open to suggestions.
each user must have their own login, with their password
That's a typical multiuser system with 1 image
User homes are on the server, with sshfs
They are not inside the image
I understand what you say, then I think that is the way to go, an image for several users, the fact is that we bought a server with several resources, I had no idea how to start LTSP, watching tutorials I was struck by the fact that always an image is created and the IP address is pointed to that image, my idea was to virtualize it and that each virtual machine is used by a client machine and its corresponding user ..
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