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Hello. I would like to request help with an issue I am facing regarding Local-apps and IBUS input.
I have LTSP up and running with Firefox set to run as a local app.
The environment is Japanese. When using firefox as a local app I cannotr get Japanese input to work for firefox.
but if I run firefox in a command line on teh application server. Japanese input works fine.
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if the system where epoptes is installed is power-on after all fat clients are booted it does not show list of clients is there any work around ??
epoptes version 0.5.5
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hey all
still got that problem with local swap not working
where would the script be which enables local swap?
I've determined that lts.conf is coming from the correct location, and that a formatted swap partition is available on the client
can't see what conditions would be missing other than those!
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Gremble, for local swap I would add "USE_LOCAL_SWAP true" in the lts.conf. Did you?
but with an "=" sign in there too :)
How do you know local swap doesn't work?
Gremble did you also add "LOCALDEV=True"?
aurel_, I know it doesn't work as no swap is enabled on the client after boot :)
aurel_, no, I didn't add LOCALDEV=True
it is not mentioned as a condition anywhere
I'd still like to know which script its in, will get grepping on the server
Gremble, /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ltsp/
Hyperbyte, cheers
's/i386/amd64/' for me though
Specifically, /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ltsp/init-ltsp.d/50-swap
Hyperbyte, thanks so much, you've saved me a bit of faffing there
Gremble, whatever. :)
Hi there! Is anyone aware of SSI clusters (Single System Interface)? I'd like to set up such an SSI cluster to get a stronger LDM_SERVER with old hardware. Is MOSIX a good solution? Thanks
aurel_, I haven't heard of anyone using that. Lots of people seem to like LTSP Cluster.
I'm in a position where I have access to some really nice hardware, so I haven't ever looked into those solutions.
My idea is to use a SSI to have an unique LDM_SERVER (and to have no problem like (metaphor) / or /home to small when you put dedicated partitions on a small HDD)
Is it a bad idea ?
Because with LTSP-Cluster, once you're on a LDM_SERVER, if the LDM_SERVER has too much load, the thin client is trapped. Isn't he?
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Hyperbyte, 50-swap produces a list of swap device which then get mounted, the script looks perfect, I can't see why it wouldn't work
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aurel_, yes. I'm not saying LTSP-Cluster is the way to go. I said lots of people seem to like it.
Gremble, try doing the things the script does manually on the client.
will do, I'm not near those clients today
that's why I enable sshd on the clients
I also have sshs on the client, but actually, I'm not near the server either
oh, so you have no remote access.. ouch.
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it's a new server ||cw, no vpn set up yet, its an interesting project, I'll write the list about it when its all up and running, using LTSP clients as HPC cluster
Hyperbyte, LOCALDEV shouldn't need to be enabled at all for this should it? I can't see anything conditional in that script.
Gremble, I wasn't the one who said LOCALDEV needs to be enabled....
Gremble you know I'm not sure at all for LOCALDEV, but personnally I'd check (personnally), man lts.conf. And what about the NBD_SWAP thing? Is it just for SWAP_SEVER?
Hyperbyte, oh yeah, sorry
aurel_, I don't want to use NBD_SWAP, its too slow for the application we are running
Gremble did you notice in man lts.conf "LOCALDEV_DENY_INTERNAL_DISKS boolean, default True This parameter disables local device support for internal ATA and SCSI hard disk devices." ?
I don't think that relevant to my situation aurel_
I've read the whole script and it doesn't get disabled on the basis of any other setting, USE_LOCAL_SWAP should always work, my next investigation should be on the clients
(which I don't have to hand)
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I'm configuring LTSP on Ubuntu 12.04 and wondering how to restrict Internet access for a particular user on a thin client.
you could use a proxy
I was hoping for a simple setting when creating user accounts, to allow or disallow internet access.
not aware of any such thing
but try #ubuntu
ok. by proxy did you mean a content-filtering software like dansguardian/squid?
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well content filtering is one of the uses of a proxy yes
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Hi @all
I'm trying to get ltsp running on a gentoo system
the client loads the kernel
and ramdisk
but locks up when accessing udev
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i got an error message similar to the one mentioned at in the first point
anybody facing the same problem?
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kernel was built with genkernel
so what is the error message for you?
and have you tried the solution given there?
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Hello everyone, I'm trying to set up ltsp so that it will run xfreerdp as a local app as it would if I set screen07=xfreerdp. Does anyone have any advice on how to do that?
derekn: if you run: ltsp-localapps xfreerdp
does it run?
I haven't tried that. My thin client doesn't currently boot to a desktop I can log in to, it just opens xfreerdp.
However it's very slow because it's running in the VM I have ltsp hosted on.
I have local_apps = true in the lts.conf, but the options I saw in the man page didn't seem to indicate that I could set xfreerdp as a local app without entering it in a menu.
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i am kinda confused what your objective is. do you want to have a regular x desktop that you can open xfreerdp on as a window, or do you want xfreerdp running as the desktop?
I'd like to have xfreerdp running as the desktop
But, I'd like it running locally on the thin client.
i believe when you run it as screen07=xfreerdp it is running locally, but one of the smarter ones around here would have to confirm that
Ok, it may be that the workstation I'm running it on is just slow.
Would you happen to know how to set the screen resolution for dual monitors? I tried setting x_mode_0 and x_mode_1 to 1024x768 in the conf file, but it only changes the resolution of one monitor.
sorry i do not
to answer your earlier question about running ltsp-localapps xfreerdp, I booted a client into ldm and ran it from a shell and it does appear to work.
does it run any better or about the same?
I just confirmed that it worked. I also did a ps -ef | grep xfreerdp on the server and it didn't return any results so it definitely seems to be running on the client.
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Hi everyone, I had a question regarding ltsp with fat clients. I've read that ltsp supports them, but I haven't really been able to find any good documentation on it.
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dominiktesla: ^^
Ah, I don't know how I missed this. Thanks
no problem bud
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I need some help getting usb sticks to automount on Lubuntu fat clients...(I can switch to a root terminal and manually mount them)
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Hi guys, how i do disable FLOPPY in ltsp? I see in logs that is trying to use floppy in the thin clients... (using Gentoo)
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