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The client init scripts like use custom functions like re, rw and warn. The functions are defined in ltsp/ltsp. However, with my horrible shell programming skills I can't determine where exactly is everything necessary included so that the client init scripts could be executed. Do they go through a wrapper of some kind or what?
To avoid namespace pollution, we ship a single command, /usr/sbin/ltsp. This one in tern sources all the rest.
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If I understand this correctly, initramfs-tools runs /usr/sbin/ltsp during early user space when booting the terminal. But how does initramfs-tools know what script to run after that so that for example gets executed?
The following ltsp applets are defined
ltsp inird-bottom
LTSP clients also have some additional applets, like initrd-bottom, init and login, but they're not runnable by the user.
So it's these applets that source all the scripts that you mention
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Ok, the initrd-bottom applet you mention seems to be if I'm correct
There seems to be some checks for dracut already. But it seems that none of these client init scripts are actually executed in dracut.
Did you use something in initramfs-tools to verify which script was executed and which was not?
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This is the hook that activates the initrd bottom applet:
I suggest that you start by reading about dracut hooks and scripts. After 2-3 weeks of getting experience there, then you can involve the ltsp code
Ok, I'll see what I can break
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hi I am sorry if this one is off topic. my ltsp server is up and running on ubuntu 22.04. Now I want to add a virtualbox image of ubuntu 20.04. I installed it in virtualbox. When I look for a ubuntu-flat.vmdk file it is missing. I see only a vdi and vdi file. How do i make a vmdk file from them.
anavari: the normal method is to select "vmdk, fixed size" when you create the VM
It should also be possible to use vboxmanage to convert from one format into the other
ok let me search
anavari: ah it can be done from the GUI too, from the virtual media manager
If you go to the virtual media manager and right-click on the disk , you should see a menu with the first entry saying either "copy" or "clone" (not sure, my UI is in Greek)
Then you select vmdk, click next, then [v] preallocate full size, and that way you'll get the vm-flat.vmdk
At that point delete the .vdi and mount the .vmdk to the VM. And ltsp image will be able to read it.
It is copy in virtual media manager
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