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I have an ltsp cluster which is running ubuntu 9.04 as the root server and as the app server. The load balancer and control server are on ubuntu 8.04 64 bit. My thin clients are 1.5 GHz intel celeron with 256 MB of ram. I can boot and log into a virtualbox system fine. When I boot the celeron machine all is well until I log in. the authentication seems to go through fine as it loads past the login screen, but just before the
desktop loads the system hangs. Could this just be a matter of editing the ltsp.conf file to work with the thin clients? If so what would you recommend starting with? Thanks for any of your suggestions.
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ryan_, check the user's ~/.xsession_errors. Also try with XSERVER=vesa.
ok, I'll try that thanks
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Hi! Just upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04. Every second time when I boot my client, it hangs while trying to initialize the ltsp sysem. On the console, one of the last logs is: "nbd0:hangup".
It also says "unknown partition table".
The server gets a connect (as per daemon.log) and a disconnect request in the same second.
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mnieper: hmm, did you actually upgrade or reinstalled ?
Did an upgrade.
ok, what did you upgrade, only the chroot or the server and the chroot ?
(depending from which release you're upgrading, the squashfs format may be incompatible)
Actually, I just found out that the "error" is also shown at those times where the client boots without any problems
I did the upgrade on server and chroot.
ok, could you try rebuilding the chroot and check the content of /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf (or something similar in /etc/ltsp/)
The client hangs at the message "* Setting up the LTSP client"
it might be that you're using a compressed chroot, these have been disabled in 10.04 due to stability issues with nbd
I see... whenever I rebuild the image, squashfs is being invoked.
do you have: NO_COMP="-noF -noD -noI -no-exports"
in /etc/ltsp/ltsp-update-image.conf ?
These are exactly the contents of the file.
hmm, ok, so that's not the issue ;)
(By the way, some other error came up during the upgrade. In /etc/default/tftp-hpa, the "--secure" parameter was missing.)
After rebuilding the image, the error persists.
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I will reboot the server. Being back in a minute.
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After restarting the ltsp server, my first client was able to boot.
The second client hangs again.
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One the console it says "[...] INFO: task sshd:493 blocked for more than 120 seconds..." and similary for other services.
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does anyone have any experience running xp virtual machines alongside ltsp?
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alkisg: "button_layout" :: To revert the Ubuntu button position and ordering to their old values, run: sudo gconftool-2 --direct --config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout :minimize,maximize,close
alkisg, what's the point of switching the button order back..
if everybody does that.. then the point of changing it globally is moot
johnny: we got books to teach the kids, and they have the buttons in the right
The canonical people didn't think of our exams :)
So until new books are written (in a few decades :)) we need to put them back to the right
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stgraber: I'm back. I have created a new chroot without including the whole ubuntu-desktop package. Now, the chroot is just about 1,5 GB and not about 2,1 GB.
With the new image, my clients start more reliable.
Is this a known error, i.e. when the image file becomes too large?
14:05* alkisg is using 11 gb images with no problems
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