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Morning all
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Does anyone understand arp and related conf.?
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hello any LTSP guru or expert on this channel
F1 F1 : Err0r : >> PXE is t00 bi9 t0 fit in ba5e mem0ry
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can any help me googled it and tried to search in the phr0ums...re4d the manaulzz t00 but unable to s0lve it can any one tell me wh3r3 i'm 9oing wr0ng >> THX in advance
Using ubuntu 7.10, Dell server with two nics
wireless nic to bb router, wired to ltsp network
stop the the numbers ..
for the sake of our eyes
client sends arp request to server - no response
if I run "arp" from command line - resulting table only shows wireless nic?
i m using latest Fedora Core
firewall is off. Is this a kernel issue?
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Unbelievable, finally downloaded image file - now no X and can't login in?
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client shows Ubuntu 7.10 ltsp tty1 <newline> ltsp login:
when i enter any of the users - incorrect log-in
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you can't really login that way
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oh.. it does say ltsp.. oops..
are all users listed on server, automatically ok as clients?
XServer = "auto" <syntax error in lts.conf> ???
no need for the param.. plus it's prolly XSERVER
auto is default
yes they are,but i don't think normally via shell
should I add users to lts.conf as in the past?
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you no
err no
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How to debug X - Ubuntu 7.10, client is 6 yr old Gateway box
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Can anyone help with lack of X and incorrect login?
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got X login screen, entered unname etc. got error this workstation isn't authorised to connect to the server
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hey guys, I've got a problem upgrading my chroot.
specifically the kernel
unpacking replacement linux ...
examining ..
run-parts ...
cannot open ... file exists
run parts exited with return code 1
failed to process
dpkg warning old post removal script returned error status 1
any help?
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Drakeweb, do you have any alternate repos in your chroot?
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Does any one know how to solve an XDM: too many transmissions? Thank you very much in advance.
sorry.. i don't use xdm
i use ldm in ltsp5
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johnny: i use gdm myself... but this error happens
we'll see if I reboot
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jammcq: how goes
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lns: nope - just the default installation. It works fine on my thin clients, and I just thought I'd better upgrade the chroot dist, and the errors occurred.
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hi everybody , i want to ask about the feasibility of applying NX on LTSP and why it is not implemented in LTSP yet ?
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Al-Khouli: some people have implemented it, but it's not integrated into LTSP because for a long time there was no fully free implementation of NX, and more importantly, nobody has done the work.
allegedly there are some free NX implementation
though in many LTSP environments, NX wouldn't really gain much other than persistant sensions
vagrantc: Do u think it would be a priority to implement if i am thinking of a massive LTSP solution ?
Al-Khouli: i don't really understand what you mean
vagrantc: i am trying to find some sides of LTSP which i can develop and work on to achieve a massive LTSP solution that works for say 1000 nodes
NX would seem like a poor technology for massive deployment- it massively increases the load on the server.
vagrantc: aha .. do u have suggestions about features that i might work on to develop this massive solution
explore "diskless workstations"
it requires higher-end clients, but the load on the server(s) is far less
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vagrantc: the solution i am trying to develop is for governmental and educational institutions that already have thin-clients
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