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sorry I might have a stupid question. I have had 3 gnome desktop files under /etc/ltsp/some_username/ and removed one of the desktop files but after 'ltsp initrd' when I check with epoptes it keeps the removed desktop file under /etc/ltsp/some_username on the client. is it included in the image which I have not updated and ltsp.img is just overlaying the updated /etc/ltsp/ files ?
the desktop files are stored in /etc/ltsp/user/.local/share/applications/*.desktop
vsuojanen: ltsp files from initrd.img are copied over. Existing destination files are not deleted.
ok. thank you very much.
love it that I removed the old desktop file with original exec= with a new desktop file pointing new exec= with a wrapper to the real exec and then updates changed the real exec.
(new exec name in the original app)
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I have problems with epoptes. I can't see any customers. I've run sudo epoptes-client -c on all but they still don't show up.
The server is with Lliurex 21 (Ubuntu 20.04) and the clients with Lliurex 19 (Ubuntu 18.04)
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Hello all.
I finally managed to compile all the steps I've done in order to boot the Rockpi 4C+ with LTSP. I've left it at the LTSP discussion here
I know this is a nuance but I'd appreciate a lot if someone could check it and make same comments mostly if there is something too obviously wrong. Moreover, I'm stuck in a non mandatory step (shrinking the final SD image size) in which any help will be appreciated.
I will convert later the discussion comment into a wiki article.
Thank you all!!!
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