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should Ltsp ByTheSea2010 be added to
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07:47* alkisg wonders what would it take to transform a normal PC into a thin client, other than installing ltsp-client & ldm...
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alkisg: a server with authetication and ltsp-server package
z0r0: I mean, ltsp-build-client does a lot of extra stuff that's not contained in ltsp-client, and we may have to move some stuff from ltsp-build-client to ltsp-client
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Hi guys, I needed to change IP on servers ltsp-card. from to What files do I need to edit to make things work again? I edited /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/ltsp/dhcp.conf ... Clients manage to boot up and get IP, but suddenly no longer possible to log on.. (got squid & dansguard also) could it be that? Squid is already set to allow ssh
you'll also have to run ltsp-update-sshkeys and ltsp-update-image to update the ssh public keys required for login
ohh great! Thats sounds logical. Thanks a lot :D
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That did the trick;) thanks a lot highvoltage
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When I set sound settings on server to muted, will that be the same for clients?? after a ltsp-update-image ?
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gnoob, no..
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johnny, thanks,, then how should I disable sound on clients?
in lts.conf
but google could have told you that
no it didnt :) But i could check again.. found a lot of posts of how to enable
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lts.conf is gone.. one in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/ but it tells me that "This file should not longer be used from here" .. hmm then from where? /etc/ltsp ? no lts.conf file there.
(sorry the noobing) :)
ok so it is ok to use.. :) just that might not be needed
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!seen jamcq
smw: I have not seen jamcq.
how does Jim spell his nick?
!seen jammcq
dberkholz: jammcq was last seen in #ltsp 5 days, 0 hours, 55 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <jammcq> hey friends
anyone going to linuxcon?
nah, my talk got waitlisted
dberkholz, my dad had me come in and ask :-).
he is EDinNY
He said jim normally gives talks
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