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Channel log from 26 December 2021   (all times are UTC)

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Hello all. Has anyone been able to get Pop OS working with RPI 4 clients and LTSP? If so, could you share your configuration? Staff overwhelming prefer the Pop OS to Raspberry Pi OS.
I tried to do it using the RPI instructions on the LTSP website, but I can't get it working. Screen just blinks a cursor while trying to netboot.
padikiller: does pop os work locally on the rpi?
In your setup, that is...
I haven't tested pop os on the rpi as raspios is a whole lot more optimized for that hardware
I'm going to guess that you'll need an initramfs though, not just a kernel
(raspios is optimized for that too, they include hardware and netbooting support in their kernel so an initramfs isn't needed at all)
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I install Pop OS on an SD card and it worked well on the RPI. It is a really nice interface. I don't know what an Initramfs is - will look it up. Thanks,