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Now I was testing on phisical devices cause its working fine with a vm as client. But for some reason it doesnt go any further the dhcp. Any idea what could be the problem?
Hi, i can try to help some, how did you setup The server nic interfaces?
Proxydhcp or real DHCP?
Proxydhcp. And it seems that works but after trying at least 3 times. So I guess its just a very slow dhcp server?
Is it virtualbox vm?
i had client machines that did not boot from My ltsp server on a laptop in hyper-v vm, vm was uefi. It just never received DHCP broadcast from The clients. The Client machines work fine elsewhere without hyper-v vm. I think it's The vm fault
I tried ltsp server on vms and on my bare pc and ltsp clients on vms and bare machines. I have the problem on bare machine clients
use systemctl status dnsmasq.service to follow up pxe on The server and You can see If the DHCP server sends The client pxe to tour server and offered pxe to The DHCP offer
If that doesn't show specific clients when They boot then problems are on The hardware/firmware
Assuming that other clients/vm clients in The same network boot succesful